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  • Stabler De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.2)


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.17.2, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    A new release always brings a wave of new reports, must ninja fix, again!

    Screenshot by Dude7ox#6606 on discord

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Increased default lung capacity from 20 seconds to 40. Lung capacity is now listed in the world configurations screen with new preset values for each playstyle
    • Tweak: Creative mode flying player model no longer has hands in the air
    • Tweak: Tailored gambeson armor can now only be repaired by tailors.
    • Fixed: Should fix all creatures black for some players
    • Fixed: Soaked hide barrel recipes now separated to be more clear that there is one for diluted borax and one for limewater
    • Fixed: Falling blocks no longer spawn dropped items, but instead will try to keep falling further. Mitigates lag from large avalanches
    • Fixed: Last slice of pie had a buggy serving value set
    • Fixed: Tool mold shown "x units of copper ingot" "ingot" is now omitted
    • Fixed: Game crashing when placing fruit tree cuttings
    • Fixed: Game crashing when going to interface settings in a world with maps disabled
    • Fixed: Missing recipes for peridotite and basalt coffins


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