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  • Stingy Stable Hotfix! (v1.5.2.6)


    Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    Ok this gotta be it. About 50 bugfixes and 20 tweaks in 10 days. Sounds good enough to me for a stable. Also my brain's getting mildly smoldered from hanging around in bugfixing hell for so long :D
    As the changes since previous hotfix are pretty much only server side, an update to this version is only needed if you didn't update to yet or want to play single player.


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Charcoal pit smoke lingers a little longer
    • Tweak: Locusts should now spawn less often and further away from the player
    • Tweak: View distances above 512 now prints a warning of possible crashes on low end cards with not enough vram
    • Fixed: Sticky sheep butts O_O
    • Fixed: Running animations of other players in SMP not using correct animation speed
    • Fixed: /tp x y z command not using coords to map middle
    • Fixed: Occasional exception thrown in the server logfiles
    • Fixed: Rare server crash

    Modding Updates

    • Tweak: Updated Tavis.JsonPatch to latest version (fixes by @copygirl), should fix some issues with json patching
    • Fixed: Broken language files should no longer crash the game


    Edited by Tyron


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