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  1. New release should hopefully fix the issue with non-players breaking farmland.
  2. An earthworm from another mod is trying to break the farmland block. I suppose I did not write the mod anticipating that. You could remove the other mod for now. I will work on an update.
  3. Make sure you don't already have something equipped on your back, and that you're using the latest version. Version 0.5.3 fixed an issue with blocks not being carryable on back due to a change to the game, but that was a while ago.
  4. Yeah, I didn't think of making the quern carriable, but it wouldn't be hard to make that possible.
  5. Looking at the file, my mod is loaded properly and there doesn't appear to be any errors. Not entirely sure which other mod to look at first. Did you update the game and the mod stopped working, or did you just recently add it? Did you update or add another mod recently? You could see if disabling any of the other mods would suddenly make Farmland Drops Soil work. (Can't offer more debugging at this moment, I could only make sure this worked with the Aura Fury modpack in singleplayer.)
  6. I tested it in 1.14.8 and it appears to still work just fine. (Placed down farmland or tilled it with a hoe, broke it in survival, received the soil block.) Perhaps another mod is messing with something, or the mod had an issue being loaded? Can you look at or upload the server-main.txt log file?
  7. It's so small, I would need to add another animation for it. One of the reasons I made it possible to move the planters in the past was because the plant itself would show up inside as you are carrying it. There has been a change in one of the recent versions however, and that's no longer a thing. Let's look into it when the mod is integrated into the main game..!
  8. When you say "doesn't work", does that mean you can't see the interaction help ( ), or the circle doesn't show up when you try to carry things? Some people also don't realize that you can't pick up stuff when you have an item in your offhand slot. If that's not it though, can you send me the "server-main.txt" after trying to play the save file where CarryCapacity doesn't load?
  9. What do you mean by "did not show up as targeted"? Did you by chance put it on your back..? If this is an actual issue it would be nice if you could find a way to reproduce it consistently, or at least give some more information as to how this happened, otherwise it will be hard to look into. I've been using the mod for years without such issues. Dropping things held in-hand is an intentional feature. I suppose hunger and cold (temporal instability, too) causing this is a little annoying, but I could argue that you're too weak to properly carry anything in this way. It's a bit o
  10. Ah okay. For some reason when I looked into the the IsSinglePlayer flag, I thought it would get updated when you open your world up to the outside. There's actually two other flags OpenedToLan and OpenedToInternet but they're not exposed by the API, so I would have to find a workaround. For now though: Yes, it will only work when you connect to a multiplayer server.
  11. @Hrafn RuneMake sure the mod is actually loaded when you start into a world. You can do this in singleplayer too. Check your "client-main.txt" and search for "MumbleLinkSystem". Note that it will not attempt to connect to Mumble unless you're on a multiplayer server, though. Other than that, as long as "Link to Game and Transmit Position" is on and the Link plugin is enabled in Mumble, it should at least connect. I made sure it works on Arch Linux and Nikky tested it on Windows 10.
  12. Not sure why but if it works it's all good!
  13. @Digitalr Okay, well, I don't quite know what the issue could be. I released version 1.1.0 with some more information being logged (and fix an issue with guaranteed spawn chunks being offset) to hopefully find out what's going on. Can you run it with a new world again and check the output in "server-main.txt"?
  14. Ah sorry, I should've been more specific. Is that with a newly generated world?
  15. Can you send me your whole "server-main.txt" so I can have a look at it? (The locale comma separator should only matter when parsing numbers - I don't do that for this mod.) Well, if you've been looking at recent development progress for 1.15 ....
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