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  1. @MaelstromOne quick way I can think of is to go to the Mod Manager in the main menu, opening the mods folder and going one folder up. There should be the "logs" folder. The file that's most likely going to contain the error is "server-main.txt". See you in a few days
  2. Can't reproduce. Can you check the log for errors when the game starts up?
  3. That sounds like the issue Craluminum2413 found on GitHub. Have you updated to version 1.4.0 already? I tested the mod in 1.15.0-rc.1 and it appears to work for me. If you're already using the latest version of the mod or it still has that issue regardless, can you send me your server-main.txt log file? It means the behavior I add caused an error which the server caught, and likely wrote it to the log, but did not crash due to it.
  4. @Lid Okay I've looked into the game code and the only thing I keep seeing is this "gamemodeauto" thing, which appears to be a tool or library. I've used gamemode before myself, though not anymore. I don't quite understand how it sneaks itself into the mod compilation process for Vintage Story source mods. Is it possible for you to uninstall that library / package and retry? (Alternatively, disable it somehow for this game, if that's at all possible - I can't find much on it at the moment.) Also, are you doing anything special to run the game, or do you just start it using Mono? (edit: If you use Lutris, try turning off gamemode for this game; I think that's in the System Options.)
  5. You can also download from the first post in this thread. What are the contents of the file? While I don't think that's it - are you running any other mods? Could see if disabling them changes anything.
  6. That's a strange error. I've never had this when I was playing on 1.14, and the mod also continues working on 1.15. Best advice I can give right now is making sure that the file you downloaded is the correct one.
  7. Released v0.6.2 that works with 1.15.0-pre.10 onward. Fixes an issue where wooden containers could not be picked up due to a change in the game.
  8. Updated the mod to work with 1.15, fixing an issue due to changes to the game code. Looks like farmland is now getting maximum nutrient values for each nutrient type.
  9. Thank you very much. Seems like a binary incompatibility. I just had to recompile the mod. v0.6.1 is out.
  10. Did you download the right version for the game version you're playing? CarryCapacity 0.6.0 is for Vintage Story 1.15.x and CarryCapacity 0.5.3 is for 1.14.x.
  11. Released CarryCapacity 0.6.0, hopefully that works with the pre-releases.
  12. Xandu's Farmland Drops works in a similar way to what you described. That has two issues: First, it makes it difficult to allow stacking those blocks in your inventory. The second is that it would require making dirt blocks tile entities, which due to how many exist in a world is not a good thing for performance. The only way I could see this working is if you simply got farmland blocks (with nutrient data) back when you harvest them. Personally I think that deviates from Vanilla a little much. I like keeping this mod's implementation relatively simple and straight-forward. The main goal for it was to allow getting your rare earth blocks back after you tilled them. The chance to not get it back when the nutrients aren't full was a tweak that was added later on to prevent people from abusing the mechanic to quickly and easily refill nutrients.
  13. I'm noticing a little "bump" as I'm walking around corners but nothing as severe as you describe.
  14. I'm aware of this issue and I apologize. I've been putting off a needed complete refactor / redesign of the mod for a long time and I'm lacking the motivation and personal interest in both Vintage Story and modding in general to actually get around to do that.
  15. New release should hopefully fix the issue with non-players breaking farmland.
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