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  1. Updated the mod so it comes as a .zip file. I didn't realize that, as a .dll, it would cause issues with Windows or anti-virus complaining about it being dangerous and you have to jump through hoops to even get it downloaded to your computer. The install process is the same, however - just place it in your Mods folder.
  2. Updated the repo. With the help of my friend Nikky we found out an easy way to create a release .zip when building the project in release configuration. We also switched from copying the mod .dll to the mods folder to just telling the game to directly load the mod from the output folder - less clean up when you're done modding!
  3. No. Discord does not offer such an API. edit: I looked into it a little more more. It looks like it used to be possible with "GameBridge" but that API has been deprecated and the new "Discord GameSDK" does not support anything of that sort anymore. You can vote on and respond to feedback posts such as Feature Request - Positional audio and also Built in Positional Audio for video games to show your interest in that as a feature.
  4. Yeah, in that case, the server-main.txt file would be helpful. One way to get to it would be to go to the Mod Manager in the main menu, to one folder up, and into the Logs folder.
  5. It's unlikely that the game installation is broken, but world corruption can happen in some specific circumstances. What issues are you running into, still?
  6. Yes. If I remember correctly, the world will automatically restart when it's done? When you open the world selection screen, you can click the pencil to find more options, such as the Run in Repair mode button. Which version are you on, now? Perhaps you messed up with switching between version and the game got confused and doesn't offer to show the update dialog anymore?
  7. Open? You just place it in your mods folder. edit: I will add some information to the first post for anyone who doesn't know what to do with the file.
  8. Someone mentioned this in the issue tracker (issue #726) and we found out this is likely simply due to the update requiring a remapping. When you're playing in singleplayer, you just have to follow the instructions in the dialog box that shows up after the update. On a server, you have to run "/fixmapping applyall" to apply these changes.
  9. MumbleLink enables positional audio support in the voice chat program Mumble, allowing anyone using the mod in multiplayer and in the same voice channel to hear one another spatially in 3D - meaning you can make out their direction relative to you and, if so configured, hear them quieter depending on how far away they are. The mod is completely client-side, so you can use it on any server you wish. [ Download ] Source code and information on how to set it up are also available on GitHub.
  10. Released version 0.5.3 which fixed an issue with 1.14.3 where no blocks could be equipped on the back (due to block behavior properties not syncing properly - thanks@Gamer62for reporting the bug) and I've made a change to the placement logic that removes the need for you to aim at a "solid" block when wanting to place carried blocks back down. Place it anywhere: Slabs, fences, chiseled blocks, other chests - the possibilities are limitless!! (Thanks to Dario on Discord for reminding me this is something I needed to do.)
  11. To be fair I've never had that happen to me. CarryCapacity does not touch inventories in any way other than when they're picked up or placed down. It could be a in issue that somehow comes about through an interaction with another mod..? Is there anything suspicious in the server-main.txt log file, in particular any exceptions?
  12. Does the mod show up in the Mod Manager ingame? Anything suspicious in your client-main.txt log file?
  13. Stuff carried in-hand is dropped when you take damage. Not sure about the running thing.
  14. It would require the item and soil block to store this additional information. Turning soil blocks into block entities is a no-go.
  15. I think this is what I tried doing one time by modifying the movement code directly. With it, stepping up becomes instant, and only the camera lags behind a little. The idea would be to slow down the player a little bit when stepping up and recover the speed over time. It would not exactly be linear but from my tests it could still feel fine. Unfortunately it was only a cobbled together WIP thing and I did not feel knowledgeable enough with the codebase to rip out the current ladder-like step-up code that it replaced.
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