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  1. copygirl

    Armor mod

    If you're talking about the "Basic Armour Mod", then please ask your question in its thread.
  2. I released version 0.4.0 proper now, only difference from rc.2 was me fixing being able to pick up blocks inside claimed areas. If there's any bugs I will attempt to fix them. But for now I see CarryCapacity as being complete enough to leave in the state it is, and focus on other work. In the future, I'm planning on rewriting everything once again so you can also pick up entities - like chickens and boars, though only once you tamed them - as well as being able to open others' containers in their hands or on their back. Perhaps I'll make a little backpack mod as well - a proper one, not like in Vanilla where you can carry 4 at once
  3. @Hexalan Sorry for the late reply, I could only test now, and see what might have caused this. Looks like it's on Neolithic Mod's side. However, I can pick up chests and baskets just fine. Are you holding anything in your off-hand? Both your hands need to be empty.
  4. After over 7 months, and lots of nagging Tyron to add the right hooks and events, finally another version of CarryCapacity has been released! Many apologies for skipping a version. An important, somewhat minor change I made to the engine hasn't made it into 1.8. And now, with the addition of entity action events in 1.9.3 and 1.9.4, I could round out a few more flaws to the point I'm happy with another (pre-)release! Additions, Changes and Fixes since CarryCapacity 0.3.4: Allow carrying blocks in both hands and on back! Added a shoulder slot for The Neolithic Mod to use. Allow carrying additional blocks: Labeled chests, crates, barrels, planters and anvils. Add world interaction hints when looking at blocks that can be carried. Lock current hotbar and off-hand slot while carrying blocks in-hand. Prevent sprinting while carrying blocks in-hand. Drop held blocks on the ground when taking damage.
  5. They can be found in loot chests inside ruins. In previous versions I've only found those kind of ruins underground, not sure if we have above-ground ones with chests rather than just loot vessels now.
  6. I'd say I agree with Erik's assessment of the game's shortcomings. I don't think being "less like Minecraft" is necessarily what's important, but rather "more like a proper game". Minecraft has set a bunch of standards for sandbox bloxel games, some of which are simply not good game design. It would be worth revisiting the basics to create an experience that is more concise and immersive. (I really do like the term "immersive".) I'm looking forward to people from the community writing mods to explore these aspects. I've been thinking, perhaps Tyron might be interested in taking over these ideas if they're indeed successful and implementing them into the game proper, or suggesting these mods as enhancing the default Vanilla play-style. The night is still young!
  7. @Erik That's epic! I gotta ask what their implementation looks like / uses to make this possible! I wonder if it can support trees growing a full 3x3 blocks or larger even larger. @tony Liberatto The goal is not to have random looking trees but that they can grow dynamically, and over time, depending on a number of factors, for example, more space for leaves => more energy from sunlight => tree grows larger. It could even be expanded to use nutrients from the ground and when low on nutrients it would cause smaller / weaker trees, even (though probably too complicated for the base game).
  8. @Drago No sorry, I don't see it. I don't think an addon could add larger trees like that if the base mod doesn't. It would actually be quite complicated. Even trees that are usually 2x2 in Vanilla Minecraft such as dark oak are just a 1 wide with Dynamic Trees. One issue is the amount of block IDs this could take up. Like with 1 wide trees it would be about (num_wood_types * orientations * num_growth_stages * factor_leaves). The factor_leaves being how many blocks have a leaves version as well as a normal version. Let's use 1.5 but it could easily be more. That's already 6 tree types (probably more coming in the future or from mods) and let's go with 8 growth stages => 6 * 6 * 8 * 1.5 => 432. With trees that grow beyond 1 block, assuming branches will never grow wider than a block, you'd already have (8 + 4 * num_1wide_growth_stages) for each additional growth stage, up to a 3x3 at least. That is, 8 for the sides and corners, and 4 * 8 for for the side with a branch growing out of it. So... let's say you want 3x3 wide trees, you get: (6 * (6 * 8 * 1.5 + 1 + 16 * (8 + 4 * 8))) => 4278!!! And that is without trees larger than 3x3 (although that is less of a problem), branches that are 1 block thick at most (more of a problem if you want larger ones), and only 6 tree types. Perhaps you can cheese the number of blocks by applying some tricks, or resort to not using separate block types for everything, but alternatives likely have some caveats as well.
  9. Oh heh.. thanks @Erik for mentioning me. And yeah, I looove Dynamic Trees and I want it! My plan was to ask the author of the mod and adapting the code for Vintage Story. The main reason the mod was laid on ice was because I had no idea how to have trees that can grow larger than just one block in width, and I felt like that is kind of necessary because Vintage Story already has big trees and big trees are awesome! If I started implementing the system for 1 block wide trees and then wanted to tack on bigger ones, ... I fear I'd have to redo everything anyway.
  10. I would've loved to hear some thoughts of the people who are in favor of CurseForge officially hosting our mods.
  11. I have sort of a personal grudge against Curse and CurseForge. For taking over the Minecraft forums (breaking them in the process for who knows how long) and wiki, FTB and then getting bought by Twitch. I also heard they have a track record for inserting themselves into modding communities in general and not really putting any effort into providing anything meaningful. But I couldn't find anything from a quick search, so that might just be hearsay. The only real value they add is a way to search and browse mods, which only works well if they're the main source of mods everyone is encouraged to upload their mods to. Perhaps look into mod.io as a future possibility?
  12. I tried it real quick myself and for me it's still working. How is it not, for you? If it's crashing please upload the crash log and link it to me. Otherwise just make sure you still have the mod correctly installed and all.
  13. Very much yes! The original plan was to implement the ability to carry things with your hands (preventing you from using other items), and then on top of that be able to put some things on your back like chests and backpacks. Unfortunately I haven't been able to really put the effort into seeing how this would be possible. It might require changes to how the game handles hotbar slots.
  14. @Quentin Preik Yes, thank you for taking the time! Two tips for next time you report something: Check if another recent issue already has a similar error message or describes a similar issue. If you enclose the error message with triple backticks (```) on a separate line before and after, it will put it in a code-block. This way, it won't look all strange from GitHub trying to format the contents of the error message. Other people also miss this.
  15. Oh yeah, no, that's not correct. Since user-created packages aren't reviewed, it's expected of users to have a look at how they're made up to understand them and ensure they're not doing something bad, ideally. Many user packages build software from source, and even if not - as is the case for the vintagestory package - you still have to create the package that you actually pass to pacman to install. AUR helpers do the usually manual steps automatically, even fetching other AUR packages for you. Trizen makes you inspect the package files and confirm before going ahead and building them. But there's a lot of alternatives.
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