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  1. The mod is not marked as a clientside-only mod, so it will be disabled if a server doesn't have the mod. Add this to the modinfo.json: "side": "client",
  2. But ... I picked one up recently on a server! ... Testing things I found out it's because I was holding an item at the time. So yeah, if you want to pick up a dummy with CarryCapacity installed, sneak-rightclick with an item. I will fix this for future versions, but right now I don't think it's super important to release a fix..?
  3. I didn't mention the 0.4.8 release as I released that soon after the initial release as I noticed a crash bug. However, I now also put out 0.4.9 which fixes carried blocks being dropped when dying when deathPunishment is set to keep - as in when you're supposed to keep your inventory after death. I want to apologize at this point because I "blamed" the dev team for changing how the inventory-keeping is determined, when in reality I had simply not put in a check before. This is certainly something I've been wanting to put in since the beginning. However, I haven't gotten around to it, and may not attempt to until the carrying feature is considered being added to the Vanilla game proper, since it would probably result in rewriting the entire API for it. CarryCapacity has actually been written before the offhand slot was put into the game, and I have some ideas how to improve the interactions using it.
  4. If you go to the downloads page and click on "Show other available downloads of Vintage Story" , you can find the link for "Tar.gz Archive/Linux" . I personally use the stable.json "API endpoint" to grab the latest download link. I just download that on the server, extract it, and have a "start_server.sh" with the following: #!/bin/bash mono VintagestoryServer.exe --dataPath ./data You can go more fancy if you'd like, for example use a loop to have the server auto restart when it crashes, but at the moment this has been doing just fine for our little friend group server. No flattery needed!
  5. I noticed you had a line in your recipe file like this: ingredient: { type: "item", code: "kunai", name: "rock", allowedVariants: ["obsidian", "flint"] }, This means the ingredient item for knapping would be the item you're trying to craft. If you want to have your crafted from both flint and stone, you'll have to make two different recipes, and therefore two different files. ingredient: { type: "item", code: "stone-obsidian" }, ingredient: { type: "item", code: "flint" }, The "name" entry is only useful when you use the variant in the recipe output, like the stone knife recipe does for example. And I have a feeling the inclusion of flint in the allowed variants is an error. As you can see, flint is a completely different item. Other than that, I can only recommend to keep your mod folder name ("assets/kunaiMod"), and other asset filenames ("assets/kunaiMod/shapes/item/kunaiModel.json") all lowercase, as it will otherwise cause issues on other operating systems, which are case-sensitive. And you will need to get rid of the extra "kunaiMod" folder in the .zip file for the game to recognize and load it. To do that, instead of selecting the folder "kunaiMod" and creating a .zip file, go into the folder, select all files, and then create a .zip file from those (you can rename and move it after).
  6. What's the issue at hand, here? Would you create a custom mod and don't know how that works, have you already created a kunai item, is something unclear about the recipe .json, or did you do that all and there's an error when you try to load the game? Also, please post your full "kunai.json" file. (In general, I can only recommend referring to the existing game assets you can find in the installation directory under "assets", and refer to the "Game Content Modding" on the main wiki page.)
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I finally released version 0.4.7 to address this.
  8. The Vanilla game content is just made of mods itself (essentials, survival, creative). Improving the situation for mods can mean making things easier developing the survival game down the line. Mods can drive sales. Mods can inspire features in the base game, or even be included partially or as a whole. Thinking of mod support later on, when people have already written many, could cause more work both for the game and mod developers. Not trying to argue against that point of yours. I just wanted to add that.
  9. I just want to add when it comes to modding, think the most important specific change that should come first from improving modding user experience is to switch to having mods enabled based on the world / server one plays in. Especially when it comes to mods which add, change or remove content. It would be bad to accidentally load Immersion on a Vanilla world, for example. (We also happen to have a tracking issue on modding on the issue tracker.)
  10. Oops, I voted "Accessibility" because that's what I usually understand as making a game more accessible to audiences who have disabilities and problems with certain mechanical (input), visual and/or auditory aspects of the game. Turns out I should've voted for "Usability", and I can't change my vote. It's been something I've been advocating for a little while.
  11. Unfortunately, I believe when you put your game up on Steam you agree to not sell it below that price elsewhere. That's all well and good and that can be provided, over time, with a custom launcher. Something like MultiMC isn't even required. Something like the Twitch launcher isn't going to cut it - it's not integrated with the game. I've already outlined why I think it would be a bad idea. A launcher needs to be able to manage different game versions, and updating the game itself. The game itself should handle mod managing better, perhaps even mod discovery. We'll see how the game develops in the future and how people would like to share maps and mods. I highly disagree that we should depend on a third party for this, which would likely not be able to provide the best, most fluid experience. Involving another company is a bad idea. Do you want to have to restart the game to select a different modpack to play on a server, when the game wouldn't even have to be restarted for that? I also don't like that there's a single point (of failure) where mods have to be shared. Why not let people put up their mods on the forums? On their GitHub? Why force everyone on a platform they might not want to use - one that Anego Studios doesn't even control? Question is whether it would start Minecraft in Wine, too. Because that would be a bit silly. And it's unfortunate that MultiMC has stopped working with Forge 1.13+. If I remember correctly, there were attempts at resolving this, but ... as is common in the MC modding community, there was drama, or something like that.
  12. 1. I haven't personally tried, and wouldn't really want to, but it looks like nobody has had any luck getting it to run. 2. MultiMC is an open-source, cross-platform alternative for managing Minecraft modpacks. It does everything you want from the Twitch/Curse launcher and more. It also can download CurseForge modpacks - though to be fair, updating is a thing you have to do somewhat manually. I love it and have used it since before Twitch took over everything. 3. First, regarding Steam: Proper integration would actually require a lot of work behind the scenes. And as you know, they take a 30% cut. With both, you're limited to how they do things, and what they decide in the future. That is a cost. Steam and I believe Twitch also require creating an account, and thus having to agree to their terms. Vintage Story is in a sort of interesting position, where you can load mods without restarting the game. And ideally, with the modding API, mods may be compatible across multiple versions. We should focus on that, get the modding API stable, and give people less reason to run an old version. We don't have to fall into the same traps as Minecraft modding. But yes, a launcher would be nice, like I said, for all the reasons I've mentioned in my previous post. 4. Linux has been massively improving over time. Sure, it's - at times - rough around the edges, but at least you own your computer, still. Everyone knows Apple tries to control what's available on its platform and what you can do, and they try to make sure you don't own your device. Microsoft has been pushing into that same direction, lately. Sure, it has its upsides, because everything is supposed to be stupid simple. But we need Linux - It's the only way into a brighter future. We need the freedom, the customizability, the control, and not to give in to our corporate overlords - this also applies to Twitch and Steam, by the way. At least Steam knows it can't lose to Microsoft. They've been pushing for and improving Linux Gaming, with Proton / Steam Play for example. I think they can do this because they're not a publicly traded company, by the way. They can still choose to do what they find interesting and important, rather than to try and maximize their profit (while keeping expenses low). All in all, people should come to terms that not everything will or should be available on their favorite launcher. We should be able to retain our freedom and flexibility we have. Even if it means the effort of writing our own launcher, and making sure the mod managing experience in-game is as good as it can be. At the very least, this should be the #1 priority in this regard. If, after that, we have time to offer the game on different platforms, we could try to do that. Vanilla Minecraft also comes with its own launcher. Notch had been approached by Steam but denied. (In hindsight, I would've preferred that over Microsoft.) But look at where it is now. If you have a good game that excites and interests people, they're willing to go the little extra step.
  13. I will reiterate that the Twitch App or Launcher or whatever it is called nowadays is not supported on Linux, which the game so far has tried its best to support (Mac OS support has been spotty due to lack of hardware to debug on). As such I don't think it's appropriate to use, because it will be leaving behind a number of people - Vintage Story has gathered a little bit of attention in the Linux Gaming world, already. Certainly, at some point we will be reviewing how mods are dealt with, allowing them to be selected per-world, and per-server, maybe even auto-downloading mods with have been vetted by the team. Additionally, the game is already loading a ton of content from asset files, so it would be a bit silly to have entirely separate installs for different versions (or worse, just different sets of mods) of the game taking up a large amount of space. This could be dealt with much more intelligently, having smarter mod managing and such all within the game itself, or through a custom launcher application that would manage downloading, updating and selecting different installed game versions and associated assets.
  14. The release-candidate version (0.4.7-rc.1) should work for 1.12, I have not yet found any issues. However, I am delaying another release because the game now renders backpacks on players when one is equipped, making it overlap with blocks carried on their back. I have not yet quite decided what to do. Tyron recommended I patch out the backpack showing up when equipped but I don't know if I should take away Vanilla features, even if it's just cosmetic.
  15. I put out release candidate 0.4.7-rc.1 of CarryCapacity for Vintage Story 1.12.0-pre.9 to address these issues: - Rotatable blocks keeping their orientation from when they were picked up, when placing them back down - Ghostly floating blocks at your feet in multiplayer when a player is out of view sometimes - Most importantly, a hang and crash when exiting a world or disconnecting from a server Please let me know if there's any remaining issues or one of those fixes didn't work.
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