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  1. The release-candidate version (0.4.7-rc.1) should work for 1.12, I have not yet found any issues. However, I am delaying another release because the game now renders backpacks on players when one is equipped, making it overlap with blocks carried on their back. I have not yet quite decided what to do. Tyron recommended I patch out the backpack showing up when equipped but I don't know if I should take away Vanilla features, even if it's just cosmetic.
  2. I put out release candidate 0.4.7-rc.1 of CarryCapacity for Vintage Story 1.12.0-pre.9 to address these issues: - Rotatable blocks keeping their orientation from when they were picked up, when placing them back down - Ghostly floating blocks at your feet in multiplayer when a player is out of view sometimes - Most importantly, a hang and crash when exiting a world or disconnecting from a server Please let me know if there's any remaining issues or one of those fixes didn't work.
  3. Tiny update to the mod, making it only load server-side. This should also mean it's now not required on clients anymore.
  4. That's weird. When you click the new issue button you should see them:
  5. @Aira Labels can only be changed by those with access to the repository (as in, the team / developers). In general it's best to go with one of the templates I provided for now as a base, they come with default labels, and I usually go and adjust them if needed. "Bug report" for anything that seems unintentional and "Feature request" for suggestions, enhancements, even feedback I suppose. The developers generally look at any place you leave feedback, so I don't think there's a best place to do so necessarily. I personally prefer the GitHub issue tracker, but to each their own! If an issue ever appears to get overlooked, you can always bump the thread / issue or poke the team directly on Discord.
  6. Alright, version 0.4.6 is out to fix this and a couple of other issues, such as being able to place (but not pick up) blocks inside claimed areas, and animations breaking when trying to do so. I also made it so carrying blocks on your back doesn't slow you down quite as much. I'm still wondering whether the in-hand slowdown is too much, considering you already can't sprint anyway. But it feels immersive.
  7. That is indeed funny. I wonder if that's because they somehow (accidentally?) made it so the (now obsolete) walk speed modifier is added instead of multiplying it? Hopefully I'll get around to fixing this, tomorrow.
  8. What about doing something similar to food regarding the stacking, to follow up on @Tyron's post? Picking up a farmland block with lower than full nutrients will store its nutrients on the item itself. If the nutrients are similar enough to an existent stack in your inventory, they automatically stack. If not, you can still forcefully stack them, like food with varying amounts of freshness. Either way, the nutrients will be averaged.
  9. That would be confusing for players who don't know about this rule, and frustrating in general. And doesn't make much sense, in my opinion, to drop nothing when you dig up farmland.
  10. You said "the files" - did you extract the .zip file? Don't do that, just move the .zip file you downloaded into the mod folder. The game will extract the resources from it.
  11. Do you see the world interaction hint ( ) when hovering over the block? If not, I'd guess the mod is not properly installed / loaded and you should check if there's any errors in the log. If it does show up, make sure you aren't holding anything in your off-hand slot.
  12. From what I can tell from the description, it isn't supposed to make hostile mobs not spawn, just make them non-aggressive (unless way too close or you're attacking them).
  13. Version 0.4.5 has been released! You can now carry loot and storage vessels - even on your back! Barrels got the same treatment. (Blame Aira!) (Unfortunately, since you don't pick up loot vessels as an item, you can't use them with traders.) The first person renderer looks a little bit more fancy as well. Wiggle wiggle! As you can see, you can now keep your ponytail well-hydrated even on longer travels~
  14. If you actually make the soil items remember their state, then they won't stack anymore. I still like my idea best
  15. Farmland Drops Soil is a simple mod which only patches a single thing: Farmland, when broken, now drops their soil type. This is for those people that got frustrated by losing their precious Terra Preta when wanting to move their farms to a better, fancier place or even their entire base. Well, you can't! Do note that this is potentially balance breaking, since you can break farmland and immediately re-till it for it to regain its nutrients, so I suggest you don't abuse this. This is the reason the game doesn't give you the soil block back. By the way, if Tyron reads this, here is my suggested fix: Non-grassy soil is tilled into 0% nutrient farmland, and with each bit of grass growth, it would start out with more: Sparse Grass at 40%, Patches of Grass at 70%, for example. Once it's fully overgrown with grass it would till into the usual 100% nutrient farmland. You could tweak the chance / speed at which grass grows over dirt blocks to balance things out as well. Providing players with another way to reset the nutrients in their farmland wouldn't hurt, I feel. [ Download ] FarmlandDropsSoil-1.1.0.zip This should work for pretty much any version of Vintage Story. [ Source Code ] You can also open the .zip file to see what the mod is made from, but here's the patch file for convenience, if you're interested. [ { file: "game:blocktypes/soil/farmland", op: "replace", path: "/drops", value: [ { type: "block", code: "game:soil-{fertility}-none", quantity: { avg: 1, var: 0 } } ] } ]
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