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  1. Do you see the world interaction hint ( ) when hovering over the block? If not, I'd guess the mod is not properly installed / loaded and you should check if there's any errors in the log. If it does show up, make sure you aren't holding anything in your off-hand slot.
  2. copygirl

    Peaceful mod

    From what I can tell from the description, it isn't supposed to make hostile mobs not spawn, just make them non-aggressive (unless way too close or you're attacking them).
  3. Version 0.4.5 has been released! You can now carry loot and storage vessels - even on your back! Barrels got the same treatment. (Blame Aira!) (Unfortunately, since you don't pick up loot vessels as an item, you can't use them with traders.) The first person renderer looks a little bit more fancy as well. Wiggle wiggle! As you can see, you can now keep your ponytail well-hydrated even on longer travels~
  4. If you actually make the soil items remember their state, then they won't stack anymore. I still like my idea best
  5. Farmland Drops Soil is a simple mod which only patches a single thing: Farmland, when broken, now drops their soil type. This is for those people that got frustrated by losing their precious Terra Preta when wanting to move their farms to a better, fancier place or even their entire base. Well, you can't! Do note that this is potentially balance breaking, since you can break farmland and immediately re-till it for it to regain its nutrients, so I suggest you don't abuse this. This is the reason the game doesn't give you the soil block back. By the way, if Tyron reads this, here is my suggested fix: Non-grassy soil is tilled into 0% nutrient farmland, and with each bit of grass growth, it would start out with more: Sparse Grass at 40%, Patches of Grass at 70%, for example. Once it's fully overgrown with grass it would till into the usual 100% nutrient farmland. You could tweak the chance / speed at which grass grows over dirt blocks to balance things out as well. Providing players with another way to reset the nutrients in their farmland wouldn't hurt, I feel. [ Download ] FarmlandDropsSoil-1.0.0.zip This should work for pretty much any version of Vintage Story. [ Source Code ] You can also open the .zip file to see what the mod is made from, but here's the patch file for convenience, if you're interested. [ { file: "game:blocktypes/soil/farmland", op: "replace", path: "/drops", value: [ { type: "block", code: "game:soil-{fertility}-none", quantity: { avg: 1, var: 0 } } ] } ]
  6. The download link for the 1.10 version seems to be broken but I found this: https://osdn.net/downloads/users/24/24399/Armour_Release_V0.1.8_V1.10-RC1.zip/
  7. Released version 0.4.4 to fix a crash caused by binary incompatibility when trying to pick up or place down blocks, so you should be able to use CarryCapacity with the 1.10 pre-releases (and beyond).
  8. Yes, I didn't see. I've only played a few hours of the mod with friends, and this never occurred to us as fair as I know. I couldn't find The Neolithic Mod's implementation for "drop this carcass as a block" - it looks like this might actually handled by the game itself. So possibly a thing to report to the game developers. Are you able to reproduce this more consistently if you do certain things? I wonder if it can't be placed if both the animal and the player are in the same block space, for example.
  9. It depends on how @Tyron wants to handle this. The game could simply issue a warning for behaviors it can't find instead of refusing to start the game, basically making all behaviors optional; or it could offer a way to mark specific behaviors as optional so the game just doesn't load those behaviors if they could not be found. I've tried my hand at implementing this change a long time ago, but it wasn't a simple surface change and I don't know the codebase as well, so I gave up. The API itself would not have to be changed. All it would need is an { optional: true } field where the behavior is used in an asset. For example: behaviors: [ { name: "Container" }, // Required behavior. { name: "Carryable", optional: true, properties: { ... } }, ] I did small things here and there for the game. I think the most useful change was rewriting the mod loading system, which I'm still very proud of, and hope will be useful going into the future. But to be honest, besides CarryCapacity and the recording sessions with HelDM and crew my attention is currently on other things.
  10. Sorry for the slow response. I looked into making it possible to carry the cupboards, and write the required patches to allow for this. I could include this in CarryCapacity, but I feel like it would make more sense to include in BVcupboard. Unfortunately, due to the way behaviors work, it would create a hard dependency on my mod. Behaviors can't be optional, at the moment. The game refuses to load if a behavior isn't found.
  11. copygirl


    The owner of the server, so it depends on which you want to connect to. Public servers are run by people from the community, they're not "official". @Tyron should probably allow servers to set a one-line description as well as have servers in the list display an icon if they require whitelisting or a password.
  12. Looking at the clay.json asset file, the only difference I can see is triesPerChunk, which is 0.05 for blue clay, and 0.016 for fire clay. It simply appears to be a little more than 3 times as rare and otherwise identical when it comes to world generation.
  13. This might also be something for the Modding And API related tracking issue. I was thinking the big Mod update would be 2.0.0 - where we start properly using SemVer. Using behaviors more for functionality sounds very good.
  14. copygirl

    Armor mod

    If you're talking about the "Basic Armour Mod", then please ask your question in its thread.
  15. I released version 0.4.0 proper now, only difference from rc.2 was me fixing being able to pick up blocks inside claimed areas. If there's any bugs I will attempt to fix them. But for now I see CarryCapacity as being complete enough to leave in the state it is, and focus on other work. In the future, I'm planning on rewriting everything once again so you can also pick up entities - like chickens and boars, though only once you tamed them - as well as being able to open others' containers in their hands or on their back. Perhaps I'll make a little backpack mod as well - a proper one, not like in Vanilla where you can carry 4 at once
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