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  • The game challenge Update, Hotfix #1 (v1.11.1-rc.1)


    Dear Community
    v1.11.1-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    Let's make the stable more stable, with an unstable! :D
    In other news, work on version 1.12 is under way and, although only semi-planned, already made some great strides in visual fidelity. I'll post some sneak peek screenshots at some point.


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added 2 new world config options: Player walk speed and allow claims yes/no. Exploration mode now has reduced walk speed, wilderness survival now has land claiming disabled
    • Tweak: Undo player move speed increase from rc.6. Not sure why I added it
    • Tweak: Removed player block stepping sounds when the player swimming at the bottom of a lake
    • Tweak: Moved the ambient bloom slider to the right column, below the sepia slider, to indicate that this is not a graphics quality option
    • Tweak: Minor creature move speed tweaks on the fox and hare
    • Tweak: Improvised armor debuff. Halved durability, reduced protection from 65% to 55%
    • Tweak: Creatures no longer sit or sleep more than half over the edge of a block, making them look really floaty
    • Tweak: The Watering Can now last 3 times as long
    • Tweak: Improved falling block stuff. Should less likely flicker upon falling
    • Tweak: The more tougher drifter variants are now also less likely to flee from the player
    • Fixed: Incorrect colors and brightness on the world map
    • Fixed: Other players shown as sneaking in multiplayer although they weren't
    • Fixed: Thrown items with 'Q' were no longer properly thrown
    • Fixed: Various crashes with the .exponepng command
    • Fixed: Particles not able to move through some blocks
    • Fixed: Game crashing when placing an invalid item/block in your active hand slot. Still need to figure out where that invalid item comes from in the first place
    • Fixed: Distant papyrus plant not correctly blended
    • Fixed: Might fix the bug where creatures spawned in new chunks die nearly instantly
    • Fixed: Able to apply a pad lock to a non-reinforced block (this does not really have a use and is glitchy)
    • Fixed: Mitigate some render flicker issues when far away from the map middle
    • Fixed: Hover text element cut off by the scrollable area in the world customize screen
    • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking on a text link in the login screen
    • Fixed: Block info hud not updating reinforced block strength
    • Fixed: /bre grantgroup not working
    • Fixed: Server exception when trying to break a v1.10 locust nest
    • Fixed: In inhostile mode hyenas ran after the player
    • Fixed: Some missing translations
    • Fixed: Various minor ai issues
    • Fixed: AI Wander task made drifters climb peaks and stay there
    • Fixed: Nothing inside a Crock but still not fillable
    • Fixed: Wrong block name for semi repaired translocators
    • Fixed: Glass slabs on full glass blocks removed some block faces that it sholdn't

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