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  • The game challenge Update, Stable (v1.11.0)


    Dear Community
    v1.11.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    We've made it. Version 1.11 looks like its ready for everybody \o/. I hope the new and updated content is worthy of its name. A great many thanks to everyone that tested the pre-releases and release candidates.

    Now, onto version 1.12, wohoooo :D


    Game updates since v1.10

    • This massive list for all changes until pre.1
    • This second large list for all changes until rc.1
    • Since rc.6:
      • Tweak: Creature hostility buff
        • Tweak: Increased corrupt locust damage
        • Tweak: Wolves now sometimes leap at the player
      • Tweak: Armor debuff
        • Increased hunger drain on some of the armor types
        • Each 3 points of damage taken incurs additional armor durability loss by 1. So a creature doing 30 damage would incur 10 durability loss
        • Several creatures now incur higher tier damage, meaning high tier armor becomes slightly less effective, and below tier armor becomes notably less effective against them. Damage tiers:
          • Boar, Tainted drifter: Tier 1 (Copper)
          • Bighorn sheep, Wolves, Corrupt drifter, Bronze Locust: Tier 2 (Bronze)
          • Nightmare drifter, Corrupt Locust: Tier 3 (Iron)
      • Tweak: Sword rebalance
        • Copper: +0.5 damage, -50 durability
        • Gold/Silver: +0.5 damage
        • Tin bronze: -50 durability
        • Bismuth bronze: +0.25 damage, -50 durability
        • Black bronze: -0.25 damage, -40 durability
        • Iron: -0.5 damage, -50 durability
      • Tweak: Reduced resin spawn chance
      • Tweak: Querns will now definitely stop grinding if a player let go of them
      • Fixed: Clouds flickering
      • Fixed: Backside of the windmill sails sometimes not visible
      • Fixed: All hares having the same texture

    Edited by Tyron


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