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  • The Homesteading update, balance & stable patch (v1.15.4-rc.1)


    Dear Community
    v1.15.4-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Branches in branchy leaves now more visible
    • Tweak: Doubled seed drop chance for ebony and purpleheart
    • Tweak: Roughly doubled redwood seed drop rate, but increased the time for it to grow to a mature tree by a factor of 5
    • Tweak: Flipping between creative/survival mode now resets the picking range as one would expect
    • Tweak: Seasonal tracks should now play more often
    • Tweak: Burned up containers now drop all their contents
    • Tweak: Entities getting in contact with fire will now also ignite, including dropped items (duh!)
    • Tweak: Added "/debug heldtemp [temperature]" to set the temperature of a held item
    • Tweak: Added copies of dormitory, archives and workshop to worldgen, containing the new 1.15 tapestries
    • Fixed: Redwood and crimson king maple in planters not swaying in the wind
    • Fixed: Wrong shading on the leaves of trees in planters
    • Fixed: Wrong worldmap season tinting in the southern hemisphere
    • Fixed: Oillamp placement/breaking oddities. Now needs some time to break but can right click pickup as well now
    • Fixed: Traders not buying clothes
    • Fixed: Empty space in the block info hud
    • Fixed: Snow coverage issues on some blocks especially with fences and chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Sneaking made players fall off if they were in cramped spaces (e.g. half slab above)
    • Fixed: Players go sneak mode in front of fence gates
    • Fixed: Should fix placing/removing angled gears not updating for other players in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Weird night sky motion
    • Fixed: Pit kilns not providing heat
    • Fixed: Animation jankiness with traders
    • Fixed: Miiiight fix cases where shift+left click Itemstacks disappear (Technical info: 1. "transfer away itemstack" code gets called on client and server, iterating over an unordered inventory list, might cause desyncs. 2. Clicking a trader from far away opened the trader inventory on the server side, but not on the client side which however shouldn't cause issues...o.o)
    • Fixed: Temporal storms not spawning the harder drifter types
    • Fixed: Jumping made the map hud jitter
    • Fixed: Wrong world map coloring for many crafted blocks
    • Fixed: Hewn fence gate sound too silent
    • Fixed: Missing crafting recipe to take apart work items into metal bits
    • Fixed: Rare client crash in the translocator
    • Fixed: Large gear gui transforms not pretty
    • Fixed: Quern not in mechanics creative tab
    • Fixed: Missing rotate interaction help on anvil
    • Fixed: Some bamboo stalks not swaying

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