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  • The quest for the lost frames (v1.14.0-rc.5,rc.6)


    Dear Steeled Community
    v1.14.0-rc.5-6, a release candidate, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    I spent significant time trying to improve the frame rate, and fix stuff as usual. It may be that this caused the game to become temporarily less stable, until I fix all newly introduced bugs. In any case, let's see if I was successful!

    @radfast has also been championing work on mechanical power to fix some of its derpiness! 💚🎉

    Also info to modders: Please ensure that anything you do in blockEntity.FromTreeAttributes() does not depend on the chunk being loaded. I've added a client side optimization that runs this method in a separate thread now.

    [Edit:] Also release rc.6 to fix
    - Game crashing when closing the inventory
    - Missing translations on the character class dialog


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Performance improvements
      • Mitigated lag spikes caused by loading new chunks that have lots of block entities in them, particularly chiseled blocks
      • Improve sign performance (Sign texts are no longer rendered when outside the viewing angle of a player)
      • Improve container (chest, basket, vessels) performance (Chests no longer run through the animation calculations if there is no active animations)
      • Reduced lag spike intensity when opening survival inventory
      • Reduced lag spike intensity when shift crafting many items from the 3x3 grid
      • Mitigate one more source of lag spikes related to the new clothing conditions
    • Tweak: Greatly reduced derpiness in immersive first person mode (removed neck, screen doesn't wobble like crazy when doing an action + walking)
    • Tweak: added /tpwp [starts with name] to teleport to a waypoint. Requires the teleport privilege.
    • Tweak: Tier 2 and Tier 3 refractory brick now require crushed olivine instead of crushed peridotite
    • Tweak: Rain splash particles slightly larger
    • Tweak: Crushing of items/blocks now fully linked in the handbook. crushing properties are now an engine feature
    • Tweak: Quern grinding sound a bit louder
    • Tweak: Reduced Pulverizer throughput speed by 40%
    • Tweak: Added a "required crushing tier" info to pulverizable items
    • Tweak: Fix demon-jitter of hell for dropped items floating in water
    • Tweak: Increased temperature at which lake ice melts
    • Tweak: Improved stack tool tip performance to mitigate lag spikes when moving around quickly in the creative inventory
    • Tweak: Reduced spawn rate of arctic foxes during world gen
    • Fixed: Many Mech Power issues
      • Fix unwanted windmill speed oscillations
      • Fix Quern grinding speed now correctly matches rotation speed
      • Fix large gear small gear network sense correct in complex builds
      • Fix placing large gear down in existing spot correct connections
      • Fix axles placed on small gears network sense
      • Fix a few orientations of angled gears rendered rotating backwards
    • Fixed: Snow above lakes in cold areas, killing the client when snow gravity is on
    • Fixed: Odd panning crash?
    • Fixed: Placing a curd bundle crashed other players
    • Fixed: .charsel not properly disabled
    • Fixed: Exception thrown when a locust dies
    • Fixed: 1 hp too much applied from traits
    • Fixed: % value stats rounding errors in the character dialog
    • Fixed: /clearentities threw an exception
    • Fixed: Character preview z-clipping in the character dialog on high ui scales
    • Fixed: Broken button texts when setting the language to arabic
    • Fixed: Sword hit tp/ifp animation gone missing
    • Fixed: Sneaking no longer reduced animal detection range
    • Fixed: Stone coffin carburizing 10 times faster
    • Fixed: Rendering issues with some dropped items
    • Fixed: Color list link in waypoint dialog not working
    • API Refactor: blockEntity.FromAttributes() is now also called in a separate thread on the client side (As before, FromTreeAttributes() is called before Initialize() and you should not read or set blocks in be.FromTreeAttributes() unless Api is set!), and it is now possible that be.OnBlockUnloaded() gets called before be.Initialize(). Please update your mods to account for that.
    • API Tweak: Added capi.Render.DefaultFrustumCuller



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