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  • The stormy weathers update (v1.12.0, v1.12.1)


    Underchallenged and Overchallenged Vintarians!
    v1.12.0, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    At long last, it is here, version 1.12! I think we were again able to up the graphics fidelity by a notch or two 😉
    On Friday, in all likelihood, we will re-do some parts of the website and send out a whole bunch of game keys to youtubers and streamers that we believe could be interested in our wicked voxel game.

    [Edit:] Also released v1.12.1 to fix that some ruins were 100 times more common than intended.

    Screenshots, Gifs, Videos of new stuff after pre.1

    3D Smithing and Iron bloom working - freshly smelted iron now needs to be refined on the anvil.

    More mechanization: A helve hammer to mechanize iron bloom and metal plate working

    Auroa Borealis effect in northern regions

    Glow worms now spawn in certain caves

    Various crystals and Amethysts now spawn in the world in the form of Vugs.

    Reflective surfaces shader effect

    Ore veins now rarely drop shiny and especially rich crystallized versions of ore which you can now show off in the new display case block

    Backpacks now visibly show on the players back

    Many blocks can now be randomly rotated

    New Tapestry blocks in Underground ruins, amongst other new goodies

    Clouds now receive pretty sunset coloring

    A new damage overlay

    ...and a low health overlay/effect

    A waypoint editor on the world map: Simply right click to add a waypoint at that location. And waypoint icons were also added


    Game updates

    • Everything mentioned in the pre.1 blog post
    • The updates in in rc.1, rc.2 and stable
      • Feature: Smithing rework
        • There is no longer invisible extra voxels. What you place is what you get. Adding an ingot adds a 3x2x7 cuboid of voxels
        • Removed all but one Upset Mode, you can instead rotate the work item using right mouse click with hammer in hands. Not sure if thats a good change will probably re-add the other 3 modes
        • Reworked many of the smithing recipes to better fit the more limited available voxels
      • Feature: Cloud system rework
        • Clouds are now colored during colored sunsets
        • The regional weather system of the game is now also reflected in the cloud patterns. You can now see different cloud patterns in the sky
        • Some more attempts to reduce the rather ugly blocky seams in the clouds
      • Tweak: Removed some quirk about how chunks are loaded. Should make it so that chunks load instantly upon connecting/loading a world but might cause 1-3 frame long unknown blocks, let me know if that happens
      • Tweak: Low chance of fixing the fast hunger bug
      • Tweak: Lowered rain sound pitch and volume while under water
      • Tweak: Speed up world loading by reducing regex matching in the crystalized ore item
      • Tweak: Improved clouds performance (added a discard; to shader code. 30->38 FPS when the sky is in view at 128 viewdistance on an intel hd 620)
      • Tweak: Firepit tweaks
        • Brought the firing temperatures for clay products a bit closer together (was kinda wacky range. 600 for molds, 1100 for bricks, 600 for shingles. Now its 650 for molds, 800 for bricks and shingles). Single shingles require less time on their firing temperature to fire.
        • The firing temperature is now reached more quickly, therefore going above the firing/smelting temperature is much slower, reducing the "overtemperature" bonus.
        • Firepits heat up quicker
      • Tweak: Mitigate ruin generation overlap issues. Logs a warning instead of throwing an exception
      • Tweak: Reduce chance of gold deposits by a bit
      • Tweak: Maybe fixes a rare rounding error when smelting metals
      • Fixed: Rain sound not playing while swimming
      • Fixed: Butterflies causing client stutter
      • Fixed: Translocator animation oddities
      • Fixed: Rain going through roofs and worldmap not showing correct blocks in some cases (theoretically fixed)
      • Fixed: Z-Fighting on leaves when wavy foliage was turned off
      • Fixed: Capped max temp storm strength to fix a server side exception
      • Fixed: Forge extinct upon reloading the world or chunk
      • Fixed: Crucible not placeable
      • Fixed: Game crashing when a helve hammer gets unloaded
      • API Fixed: Mods with missing modinfo.json crashing the game
      • API Fixed: Game crashing on invalid transitionprops
      • API Fixed: Handbook crashing on invalid modded chest blocks
    • The updates from all the pre-releases after pre.1
      • Feature: Added display case to showcase your ores, shells and other small items
      • Feature: Added mechanical helve hammer. Can be used to autocraft metal plates and iron ingots from an iron bloom
      • Feature: Added mechanical power brake block. Can be used to bring a mechanical power system to a halt
      • Feature: World generation additions
        • Added vugs inside quartz veins - hollow cracks filled with crystals
        • Added loose boulders, these generate in mountainy and deserty areas
        • Added glow worms to caves
        • Added Tapestry and other new blocks to ruins. The former will give players more insight into the games lore
      • Feature: Added bioluminescent particle effect to warm, humid waters. Only appear in some locations.
      • Feature: Added aurora borealis effect to cold regions of the game
      • Feature: Added rare crystalized versions of ore. Drop with a 1/200 chance from graded ores, if not blown up by bombs.
      • Feature: Added armor stands, can be used to showcase armor
      • Feature: Added Raccoons. Spawns in forests near trees. Will eat berries from berry bushes and break harvestable skeps for the honey comb. Can pick up and carry around food.
      • Feature: Multilayer smithing. The way smithing works changed notably with this change. It's kinda weird but also kinda interesting. Tweaked Spear and Hammer smithing recipe
      • Feature: Wearing a backpack now visibly shows on the back of the player
      • Feature: Waypoint editor. Can now add, modify or delete waypoints by right clicking on the world map. Can now assign icons to waypoints
      • Feature: Added a shiny reflective effect to crystals, ingot plates, crystalized ores, display cases and other blocks
      • Feature: Iron bloom. Bloomeries no longer yield iron ingots directly but instead drop iron bloom which has to be worked into ingots on the anvil.
      • Feature: Improved damage overlay, new low health overlay
      • Feature: Can now quickly cool down hot items by throwing them into water
      • Feature: Tool modes now display names in the tool mode selector ui
      • Feature: Added amethyst, smoky and rose quartz crystals.
      • Feature: Microblock chiseling improvements
        • Can now chisel slabs and stairs
        • Can now attach blocks to solid sides of chiseled blocks
        • Added new chisel mode to horizontally flip a block
        • Some experiments to chiseling to try to fix the weird ambient occlusion and sub/block light propagation. Let me know if that looks better
      • Feature: Creatures and items can now burn. Standing in lava will now instantly ignite entities. Hitting an entity with a torch has a 10% chance to ignite it
      • Feature: Items and dead creatures inside lava will disappear after a short delay
      • Feature: Full drifter model and texture remake
      • Feature: Hailstorms now damage the player
      • Feature: Added ability to create savegame backups through the modify screen
      • Feature: Butterflies now flee from nearby players
      • Feature: Some blocks now are randomly rotated (flowers, mushrooms, reeds, saplings, tall grass, etc.)
      • Feature: Added 5 new decorative storage vessels. Added ornate planters variants, can be purchased at the artisan trader
      • Feature: Chests, Vessels, Lanterns, Watering cans and Buckets can be rotated in 22.5 degree intervalls
      • Feature: New set of main menu backgrounds
      • Feature: Client side performance improvements to counteract the additional cost of fluffy leaves (Technical info: Poor man's LOD. The game tesselates each chunk twice now a low detail version and a high detail version. Distant chunk are now drawn using the low detail version. Increases RAM usage by a lot currently. Blocktypes can now define a lod1Shape shape file. You can set the lod range using .clientconfig lodbias [0..1] default is 0.25)
      • Feature: Added a remapper assistant. This tool now requires players only to press a button instead of going to the wiki and copypasting commands. Please make a backup of your savegames before using it.
      • Tweak: Game Server performance improvements
        • Uneccessary ~8% performance cost on the server (measured on the public test server)
        • Server frozen for 1-3 seconds during autosave
        • Major lag issue in the mechanical power system that will lead to an eventual server death
        • Significant RAM savings and reduced startup times for large game servers (about 600 MB less on the public test server)
        • Reduced default autosave interval from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
      • Tweak: The "Liquid foam effect" graphics settings now also disables the reflective effects on crystals and ingots
      • Tweak: Searching in the creative inventory should yield better search results by prioritizing item names over item descriptions
      • Tweak: Added "GL Error checking" developer mode
      • Tweak: Renamed Sword to Longblade
      • Tweak: Added some handbook documentation on mechanical power and temporal stability
      • Tweak: All creature can now step a little higher (1 1/8th blocks instead of 1 block)
      • Tweak: The translocator spawns extra particles upon teleport
      • Tweak: Can now place solid rock and prospecting picks in mining bags
      • Tweak: No longer need to hold down right mouse button to pan
      • Tweak: Updated to OpenAL Soft 1.16 to fix sound system not initializing properly everyone once in a while until restarted
      • Tweak: The Bloomery and Anvil no longer resets the temperature of the material / work item
      • Tweak: Updated metal pouring sound
      • Tweak: Dropping a stack of items on the ground makes it split into multiples of 4
      • Tweak: Clay forming and Smithing helper grids now only show when you have clay / a hammer in hands
      • Tweak: Set monster spawn grace timer to 0 for the default survival mode
      • Tweak: Added "Metal molding" info to handbook when a tool can be made from pouring metal into molds
      • Tweak: Can now make a skep harvestable in creative mode by right clicking on it with a honey comb in hands
      • Tweak: Distance fadeout for dynamic shadows
      • Tweak: Made ember block more glowy (creative mode block)
      • Tweak: Added medium sized carpets to creative mode
      • Tweak: Improved incandescent materials glow
      • Tweak: Draining temporal stability sound only starts playing when at 65%
      • Tweak: Translocator now also animates and plays sounds when another player steps on it
      • Tweak: Increased chance for hailstorms
      • Tweak: Fear reduction for animals set to 10 generations instead of 20
      • Tweak: Forge embers now look more glowy
      • Tweak: The new lod system no longer requires additional GPU RAM and semi-smoothly fades between high detail and low detail
      • Tweak: Refined low temporal stability sounds
      • Tweak: World gen tweaks
        • Sealevel water now generates ice block below -17 °C
        • Reduced lake generation below -5 °C down to 0 lakes at -20 °C
        • Trees no longer generate below -18 °C
      •   Tweak: Increased marble deposit size
      • Tweak: Minor chunk updating performance improvement (Technical info: Leaves now do a quick check before they do a room search for updaing their wavy state)
      • Tweak: Optimize and improve the quality of dynamic shadows (Technical info: Now uses hardware level interpolation, increased range for reduced quality, shadow pass now uses only low detail chunks, attempted to minimize the chunks rendered during the shadow pass)
      • Tweak: Worldedit Air brush tool no longer replaces water unless targeting water
      • Tweak: Removed commands /glitch, /rain and /slomo
      • Tweak: Removed starter torch when creating a new world
      • Tweak: Loose sticks now look prettier
      • Tweak: Reduced butterfly spawn rate
      • Tweak: Can now add more items to the shelf, such as ores
      • Fixed: Wrong textures and transformations when placing the new style tools on the tool rack
      • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking on an external link on some Linux systems
      • Fixed: Game too bright for many players. This update resets the extra brightness and extra gamma level to 1. You can set it back if the game is too dark for you now
      • Fixed: Crafting recipe for fire starter missing
      • Fixed: Unable to ignite a fire pit with a torch
      • Fixed: Game not launching on Mac OS
      • Fixed: Worldedit Cutout not working with the cuboid paint brush
      • Fixed: Labeled chest text writing issues
      • Fixed: Sign text is now length capped
      • Fixed: Game crashing when attempting to rename a savegame inside the modify world screen
      • Fixed: Gear HUD visible in spectator mode
      • Fixed: /worldconfig not applying changes correctly in some cases
      • Fixed: Wrong third-person transformation for held mushrooms and firestarters
      • Fixed: New slab placement mode mechanic not properly working for some slab types
      • Fixed: Setting cloud y position in the world edit gui could no longer be disabled
      • Fixed: Cloud vertical stutter when the player is moving vertically
      • Fixed: OutOfMemoryException when igniting a bomb
      • Fixed: Quern stopped grinding when the output slot is full
      • Fixed: The command /weather seti not properly initializing the new cloud pattern
      • Fixed: Game crashing when exiting before its loaded
      • Fixed: Cleaver not placeable on tool rack
      • Fixed: High velocity particles causing heavy lag
      • Fixed: Creatures inside water creating high velocity particles
      • Fixed: Torch inside torchholders emitting old style particles
      • Fixed: Game crashing in some cases (NRE in ModSleeping)
      • Fixed: Vertical mud brick slab side solid issues
      • Fixed: Ice blocks flicker issues
      • Fixed: Held torch particles spawned at the wrong location for other players
      • Fixed: Some areas had rain and thunder where there should have been snow only
      • Fixed: More issues with the clay planter
      • Fixed: Farmland, Forges, Firepits and Torches ignoring low levels of rain
      • Fixed: Creative search deleting all text on backspace in cases where it shouldn't
      • Fixed: Wrong lighting on the windmill blades
      • Fixed: Old creative worlds had temporal stability enabled
      • Fixed: Block breaking overlay not visible
      • Fixed: Added some missing tree types to the world edit tree tool
      • Fixed: All creatures not wandering and staying in place more often than they should
      • Fixed: Some characters not displayed or not displayed correctly in chat messages above the players head
      • Fixed: Significant lag issue when looking up in the sky
      • Fixed: Block breaking overlay not adjusted for wind waving motion and random rotations
      • Fixed: Might fix torches and firestarters sometimes not igniting fires when they should
      • Fixed: Crafting trapdoors or slabs put them in horizontal only mode
      • Fixed: Should fix temporal stability mechanic now disabled everywhere
      • Fixed: Creature animations no longer playing properly
      • Fixed: Thrown spears not using the new models
      • Fixed: Should fix worldgen meteor impacts removing water blocks
      • Fixed: Should fix saplings that grew at a chunk edge generating with cut off leaves
      • Fixed: Barrel fullness indicator wrong for honey
      • Fixed: Able to put in berries and the likes into crucibles in some cases
      • Fixed: Might fix saltpeter re-appearing at random in the underground
      • Fixed: Falling sand and gravel not emitting dust particles
      • Fixed: Should fix joining players upside down for a few seconds
      • Fixed: Some animations not correctly playing
      • Fixed: Some particles (e.g. smoke or rain) loosing randomness in some cases
      • Fixed: A couple minor tweaks and fixes too small to mention individually
      • Fixed: Full snow blocks now have a full hitbox if there is a flat snow layer on top. 1 Thick snow layers no longer have any hitbox
      • Fixed: Occlusion culling not considered during shadow pass
      • Fixed: Baked bread lasted only 1-2 days
      • Fixed: All tools were tier 0
      • Fixed: Multi-Wildcard crafting recipes threw an exception when looked at in the handbook
      • Fixed: Firepit particle related crash on the client
      • Fixed: Silver and Gold ores yielding more nuggets than they are supposed to
      • Fixed: Leaves still slowing down chunk loading
      • Fixed: Might fix a crash with the .blockitempngexport command
      • Fixed: Game crashing on disconned/leave world in some cases
      • Fixed: Storm particles not spawning
      • Fixed: Much better framerate when dynamic shadow are enabled. (Far shadows did not use low detail leaves)
      • Fixed: Small carpets made the block below invisible
      • Fixed: Should fix game crashing for some players when starting an echo chamber track
      • Fixed: Rare jitter issue with animations
      • Fixed: Throwing spear crashes the game
      • Fixed: Mechanical power blocks not receiving shadows
      • Fixed: Creatures sometimes not seeing the player and thus not attacking or fleeing from them
      • Fixed: Rainfall in some places where it should be snowing
      • Fixed: Stutter when trying to access claimed blocks
      • Fixed: Butterfly sitheight on the crops was too high
      • Fixed: A server thread crashing caused odd/broken shutdown behavior as the server ran Server.Stop() twice in 2 threads
    • API Updates since pre.1
      • Fixed: Runtime loading of textures into a texture atlas not working when loaded from within the creative inventory
      • API Tweak: JSON Shape elements can now have a Reflective property to make things shiny
      • API Refactor: new "schematicSeed" argument for BlockEntity.OnLoadCollectibleMappings()
      • Tweak: Added block patch placement mode NearSaltWater and UnderSaltWater for Tonys immersion mod
      • Tweak: Added privilege "denybreakreinforced" to deny reinforced block breaking for the civ community
      • Tweak: Dropdown gui elements values can now use rich text
      • Refactor: Smithing and knapping recipe patterns now are multilayer you need to surround your pattern with [[ and ]]
      • Refactor: Ditched Collectible.GetQuantityToolModes and Collectible.DrawToolModeIcon and replaced it with Collectible.GetToolModes()
      • Refactor: capi.Render.UnregisterRenderer no longer calls Dispose() on the renderer. You have to call Dispose() manually now!
      • Feature: Composite shape definitions can now also define offsetX/Y/Z
      • Feature: Added engine side support for multiple textures sizes per shape, this now fixes the wrong texture scaling on the armor stand.
      • Feature: Added ability to combine shapes during runtime using shape overlays ( shape: { base: "shape1", overlays: [ { base: "shape2" } ] )
      • Feature: Can now get a TextureAtlasPosition from a texture path using e.g. api.BlockTextureAtlas[texturePath]
      • Feature: Added api.*TextureAtlas.InsertTextureCached()
      • Refactor: the tools MiningTier is now called ToolTier (MiningTier is still valid but deprecated)
      • API Fixed: Not able to load assets from the config/ folder
      • API Feature: New block property: randomizeRotations
      • API Fixed: Entity hurt event damage source was not set to player when a player attacked (v1.11 bug)


    Edited by Tyron


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