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  • The Warm and Cozy Update (v1.4.7)


    Cozy Vintarians
    Version 1.4.7, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    A twitch follower of @copygirl named Derpyisbestponycausecute said "The game looks so warm and cosy", which kind of fits with the latest feature additions, so I'm naming it like that :D 
    Usable Beds are not there yet, but I'll try to add them next update. At least the nights should be less annoying now.

    Game updates

    • Feature: More diverse ore distribution and prospecting system
      • Most ores are no longer uniformly distributed but there are now areas of higher and lower or even zero concentration. Surface copper still appears everywhere for an easier start into the copper age.
      • With the help of the new prospecting pick these areas can be located. Break stone or rock with the prospecting pick at random locations within a 10 by 10 area to get a reading. Breaking only adjacent stones will not work well.
    • Feature: Moon phases and moon phase dependent night brightness
    • Feature: Fireflies particle effect in temperate areas during nighttime
    • Feature: New creature: Boars
    • Feature: Visible firepit contents: Currently only for cookable foods and crucibles. More to come in future updates
    • Feature: Improved main menu visuals
      • Replaced the home screen image with 5 new terrain screenshots that (should) change once a week
      • Home screen now has a gentle particle effect
      • Edge shading for the other screens and removed some alignment issues
      • More fitting welcome text
    • Feature: Improved or Tweaked creature behaviors
      • Creatures no longer turn in place, but try to turn while moving in arcs
      • Improved entity task selection to not cancel out eachother where they shouldn't, should make animations less cut off in some cases
      • Added eating animations for bighorn sheep
      • Reduced tendency for them to walk into walls
    • Feature: Can no longer instantly ignite utility blocks. Bombs, Forges and Bloomeries now require 0.75 - 2 seconds to ignite.
    • Feature: Added a black background behind the durability bars for greater clarity
    • Feature: Improved explosion particle effects
    • Feature: Easy ladder stacking. Ladders can now be more easily grown vertically up/down by aiming at top-/bottom-most block
    • Tweak: Two performance improvements
      • Disabled inside-block-collision test for creatures, saves about 5% game ticking performance, let's see if we can live without it.
      • Increased chunks-to-send per tick from 2 to 32 - seems to have no performance impact and makes previously generated worlds load up to 2 times faster! (please delete servermagicnumbers.json for this change to take effect)
    • Tweak: Bamboo now requires tool tier 1 to be broken
    • Tweak: Lowered required mining tier for bismuth
    • Tweak: Made tool/ingot mold insets darker for improved visibility, glass frames now completely opaque
    • Tweak: Snowlayer blocks no longer drop anything
    • Tweak: Improved documentation of the mod api in several areas
    • Tweak: Added 'tool offset mode' drop down to the world edit gui
    • Tweak: More block/item infos
      • Ore blocks show the required mining tier in metal names instead of numbers ("requires a copper tool" instead of "requires mining tier 1")
      • Metal Ores now have an another tooltip line showing amount of units of metal they contain.
      • Added some item/block descriptions.
    • Fixed: Various fixes to some block textures and visible seams at the edges.
    • Fixed: Eliminated some potential memory leaks
    • Fixed: Thrown spears hit detection should now be more reliable
    • Fixed: WorldEdit Spray painting Reeds overwriting water blocks
    • Fixed: Shears not breaking multiple blocks
    • Fixed: Player going all jittery while sneaking and trying to step up thin blocks
    • Fixed: Game client crashing in multiplayer when someone else flips itemstacks
    • Fixed: Fairly severe issue with ticking block entities not unloading on chunk unload. Under certain circumstances this caused reeds to regrow instantly or replacing burned out turches to instantly burn out again.
    • Fixed: BlockEntity container contents getting garbeld up when imported inside a schematic from a different schematic. These now automatically fix their blockid/itemid mappings
    • Fixed: Placing a clayforming or knapping surface deleting blocks that it should in some cases
    • Fixed: Visible seams between various block edges on custom block shapes. Fixed incorrect UV mappings on wooden doors.



    Moon Phases and Fireflies


    Visible Firepit contents
    0-firepit-meat.thumb.png.1cfae5d2f2dede3531d0e7ee02095b98.png 0-firepit-vessel.png.bc3cc2833e78d192ec7b176d0d32f0ee.png

    Mainmenu upgrades

    Edited by Tyron


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