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  • Torches


    • The new block renderer is now integrated into the Inventory GUIs and the World renderer, so any 3d models from a json file can be added and used inside the game.
    • I've begun adding custom collision and selection boxes for blocks
    • Completed one significant part of the lighting system: Block light. 
      Block light is seperate from sunlight because the sunlight varies during a day/night cycle but block light always remains.
      The last missing part of the lighting system now is coloured lights. The engine already supports it, but it's untested and various places in the engine probably need some tweaking to get it working Here is a video demonstrating block light:

    • I've begun adding custom block behavior, and it's already working for torches \o/
      Now you can place torches on walls and they attach themselfes properly. In above video you can still see that feature missing. Here's a screenshot of it:

    And finally, here's your weekly fix of the Vintagestory Terrain Generator and various glitches

    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/QksfQ


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