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  • Tricky fixes patch (v1.13.1-rc.1)


    Dear Seasonal Community
    v1.13.1-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    For this update I focused on the more exotic bugs - those that appear only for some players with certain settings or certain hardware or happening only in certain situations, as well as some very tricky to fix ones. Several of them related to the world map. I hope I that makes the game more playable for everyone affected by them.


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Seasons are now also enabled for patchy climate worlds, although not gameplay-balanced for it
    • Tweak: Stability updates to the world map
      • The persistently stored chunks are now stored as-is. Previously they were stored without the snow layer
      • Is no longer re-initialized when reopened, which eliminates any lag spikes that occur during opening
      • Fixed an issue where parts of the map did not redraw properly
      • Fixed Lily Of The Valley way too visible on the map
      • Several changes to hopefully reduce disk write times
    • Tweak: Some tweaks to high detail leaves fading. (LOD-crossfade no longer working, more high detail leaves drawn than needed, and .lodbias 0 still drew some high detail leaves)
    • Tweak: The view distance alarm value (the dark purple bar) is now described more clearly and also disabled for single player
    • Fixed: Some experimental changes to the snow accumulation system to make it maybe less glitchy
    • Fixed: A trader that has not been visited in a very long time would visibly swap out their inventory every few seconds
    • Fixed: Low chance of fixing purple grass on some radeon cards*
    • Fixed: The new temporal storm drifter spawn system ending up in an endless loop in some cases
    • Fixed: Should fix black horizontal bar on the screen center on some systems
    • Fixed: Grace timers no longer working
    • Fixed: Modelling errors on doors
    • API Tweak: World map layers now need to render directly to the world map instead of adding/removing map components. This reduces complexity by a lot
    • API Fixed: A syntax error in a json patched file caused an exception in the error handler
    • API Fixed: Syntax error in assets/game/config/remaps.json
    • API Fixed: The client side chunk dirty event sometimes did not fire

    *If it did not fix the grass being purple open file %appdata%/VintageStory/assets/game/shaderincludes/colormap.vsh and on line 89, delete the "-1", then reload the world.

    Edited by Tyron


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