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  • v1.18.6-rc.2 - hunting the performance leak


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.18.6-rc.2, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    We are currently hunting down a small-ish performance leak on the loose, which should not impact most players, but has a significant impact on our Vintagehosting servers, as the problem is multiplied hundredfolds there. That is the reason I am a bit wary of going stable still.

    This is probably also a good opportunity to give you a small update on the current state of the game. Th3Dilli and radfast have been tirelessly working on 1.18.6 bugfixes, further performance tweaks, .NET 7.0 preparations as well as developing a new build pipeline for .NET 7.0 releases.  Meanwhile the rest of the team is starting to work on 1.19.  It is very likely that 1.19 will become the version where we fully migrate to .NET 7.0 and drop the .Net 4 builds.  As a reminder, .NET is the software framework that players use to run the game and its latest incarnation, .NET 7.0, will provide us with noticeable performance and stability gains for the game. It will also help Mac and Linux compatibility, we are pleased to see that the .NET 7.0 test builds appear to be back to being fully playable on Mac OS, and have large performance benefits on Linux.

    As for myself, I had to take some time off to visit family, tend after my attention-hungry garden and to generally go touch some nature after spending a long cold Latvian winter in front the screen 😅. That being said though, I've been itching to get back into some coding again!

    As for 1.19 - we still plan that one to be focused on De-jank. That means finishing up some loose ends, adding a few small new features, as well as reworking a few of the not yet optimally designed mechanics. Stay tuned!

    In other news, @Vallen has made an excellent series on YouTube explaining Vintage Story Bit by Bit - check it out!


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Handbook display of baking result now shows "(in oven)" not "(in firepit)"
    • Tweak: Polar bears visually lower in the water when swimming
    • Tweak: Polar bears now cannot climb, but can swim faster than other bears
    • Tweak: (cosmetic) Bear respiratory rate slower when sleeping, sitting or standing still, depending on size of bear
    • Tweak: Additional optional parameter for command /debug logticks to include off-thread data in results
    • Tweak: Changed command /entity cmd [selector] wipeall to /entity wipeall as it does not require a selector
    • Fixed: Bears stuck in running animation forever (when chasing a creature which is in a hole the bear cannot fit into)
    • Fixed: It was possible to read coordinates in other ways in games with worldmap disabled
    • Fixed: /land claim grant|revoke crashing the game if the claim had not yet been loaded
    • Fixed: Rare client crash in CullVisibleFacesWithDecor due to multithreading
    • Fixed: Axe breaking while felling a tree left floating leaves
    • Fixed: Extended picking range when mouse is not grabbed (thanks to @noelle-lavenza) [details: Github issue #42]
    • Fixed: Night Vision Mask duplication by putting in more then one gear as fuel
    • Fixed: Metal parts not centered in GUI
    • Fixed: Bucket with alcohol portion showing up in handbook
    • Fixed: Player in bed rotation being backwards
    • Fixed: Raft animations getting broken when pressing too many keys
    • Fixed: Drifter drops are no longer affected by weight; drifter info no longer shows Low Weight (or any weight at all!)
    • Fixed: /wgen testmap rockstrata not working
    • API Feature: IServerAPI.AddServerThread() allows mods to create ServerThreads: advantages are that thread pause, shutdown and tick profiling are managed by the server
    • API Tweak: Deprecate methods in GuiElement with Bitmap parameters, please use equivalent overloads with BitmapExternal  (might help to prepare your mod for .NET 7.0 already, so that re-coding for .NET 7.0 may then not be necessary: note that System.Drawing.Bitmap does not exist in .NET 7.0)
    • API Tweak: IContainedMeshSource can now return a null mesh to ask the caller to make a default mesh instead; and the container block may be smarter about drawing the textures of IContainedMeshSource items (needs testing!)
    • API Fixed: Some icons no longer centered in GUI dropdown (#2645)
    • API Fixed: Game could crash if a mod uses OnTestBlockAccess with any result other than Granted (Github issue #2761)


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