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  1. Thank you for the fixes. Have you considered allowing animal pelts on a vertical surface?
  2. Yep. Definitely happening on our server too. We are running 2.5.2 on VS 1.14.5. Ran "/debug logticks 100" for a while and got the end of this file for the results. server-main.txt
  3. Updated to 1.14.5 and it seems the same issue is here. The crates were displaying blank and inaccessible. Updated the BetterCrates mod from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5 does NOT seem to fix it. Using CarryCapacity to pick them up and replace just deletes the contents completely but the crates are accessible again. Note that we are NOT using BetterChests.
  4. I personally would appreciate it being client side only as I don't want to force the players to need it and as a player, I want to have the option. Is there a way to turn it on/off in game?
  5. Perhaps an easier alternative would be more like a "wall-jump" mechanic. Where-by you jump and if against a block, you press jump again which pauses you mid air for a split second, release the jump button and get a small extra jump to get up that second block height. Sadly, most Minecraft wall-jumps default to a second key press. I end up rebinding it to the jump key (space) and get a very simple and ituitive use of it. Many a wall jump allows the use of it infinitely on opposing walls, or holding the jump to just slowly slide down the wall but I would image leaving it simple with a single jum
  6. I'm a fan of this. This does seem really cheap though. Going with the lore I'd make it require more iron to make one. Maybe even silver or gold materials too. The padlock seems a strange use to move it considering that's primarily a server chest lock item. Maybe an iron tier pick to pick it up? What's your thinking on the padlock?
  7. I found that when I have killed something and I go to harvest it, if my hotbar is full and I shift+click the loot it leaves the corpse but disappears and does not go into my inventory if it was something I didn't already have. If I have extra storage (bags/baskets/etc.) open and space there then it will go into the storage but no space available and shift+click and the item(s) are gone. Has anyone else experienced this? Turns out that it happens even if I have the same items in my baskets and the basket inventory is closed. The item(s) just disappear.
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