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  • World Generation Part 2


    Since last update I've:

    - Added the Landform generator to terraingen, which a little bit similar to minecraft biomes, but it only defines the terrain and not the climate. This finally allows for some decent looking terrain!! \o/

    - Rewritten the Texture Atlas composer which allows any size texture to be used while still packing the most amount of texture into the smallest space. This is needed so that Tallgrass can have a 48x48 texture to still have the same pixel density (because it is drawn diagonally) as other textures.

    - I've added basic support for tallgrass

    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/pLthQ

    - I also played around with doubling (512 blocks) and quadrupling (1024 blocks) the worldheight, both are working fine, but the default terrain generator takes very much time to build the terrain. I could limit the terrain generator to 256 blocks and leave the remaining space for builders, then it should be fast again. I definitely am interested in breaking minecrafts old limits just for the heck of it ;-)
    It also looked super impressive to stand on top of a 200-300 block tall mountain, so still might be worth considering to get it running efficiently. In any case, the worldheight is freely configurable to any value as it already was in ManicDigger. The worldgenerator generates chunks in columns, but everything else is done in cubic chunks of 32x32x32

    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/fHJln

    Up next: Rewrite of the ChunkRenderer, Cave generation, Ore generation, Particle system


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