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Mod request: "Void belt" - move collected trash to void


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Items, dropped on ground, can consume significant amount of server performance. And when players blasts tons of quartz, mining gold and silver, or dig mineshafts (especially with modded tools, like mining hammers e.t.c.), they generate huge amount of garbage (stones, quartz chunks, e.t.c.).

So... We need some wearable item - "Great Miners Belt Of Void (c) (tm) (r) :) (May be different tiers, with different filtering abilities. Even something like "magnet" enchant).

All drops, defined (via config? Or it is possible to have subinventory, which allows to put inside samples of filtered objects?) will be annihilated on pickup. Or move to void. Or to dev/null. But not back to ground, or into precious player inventory.

Unfortunately, my C# coding skills are... miserable. So, may be, someone can implement this idea. I believe, many server owners (and even singleplayers) will thank you many times.


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