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  1. Unfortunately, it takes more time for me, to upgrade our server from 1.14.* to 1.15.*. So, i have not much time for modding But: Triple the amount of metal required. - no problem. Require a lit torch in place of oil lamp in recipe. - no problem. Brazier extinguishes after a certain time in the rain, and can be re-lit with a torch or fire-starter. - must do separated models for extinguished/unlit brazier. Must finish server "polish&fix" tasks before. Fueling mechanic requiring firewood, with an added modifier that greatly extends burn times. - find no ways to do that without coding (without coding, i can define brazier as kind of firepit, but don't see any ways to extend burn times) It is from our server internal mod.
  2. Not sure about fueling, but other things i try to implement. May be this sunday.
  3. On 1.15.3,fresh client, no other mods, crashed with:
  4. Uhm... May be i not understand something, but i cannot program hatvester locust to harvest reeds or honeycombs. I define working area (with memory gear),which contains dozen harvestable beehives and flowers around, put knife in the chest, define chest, deploy locust, charge it with stack of coal, and download memory. Locust take knife and... Sleep. Same things, if working area contains reeds. But, if working area have ripe berry bushes, this little bastard harvest berries and leave them on ground. What i do wrong?
  5. One of our players reported a dupe issue with anvils. He have high leveled duplicator ability in metallworking skills. When he smith anvil base (bottom part) it duped (ok, by ability). Then, when he place one of duplicated pieces on floor, and break, it duped again. Place->break>duped. Repeat until inventory full. There is only one smithing related mod (xskills) we have on our server.
  6. Sorry, but i can't reproduce this issue. Fresh world with Braziers and latest Better stairs installed allow me to place any kind of brazier without problems
  7. Feature suggestion: tool blacklisting for XSkills skills/abilities. Either - by name, or by item class. Currently, we have issues with items, supported multiblock mining, such as electric drill from Temporal Tinkerer, or hammers. Each time, when player break initial block, tool lost durability, but when other 8 blocks processed by script, durability restored. So... tool become undestructible.
  8. Agree. Also, IMHO, decorative mushrooms must present in game as well.
  9. This little mod adds variety of metal braziers. Currently implemented six variants: scrap metal (rusty), copper, black bronze (my favourite), iron, meteoric iron, steel. Braziers are pure decorative (you cannot make grilled meat ), but give decent amount of light (up to 20) and some heat. Scrap metal one crafts with scrap metal pieces: While metal ones - with metal strips (obtainable by smithing): hqzlights1.0.0.zip
  10. Based on original GitHub version Pure JSON The only thing, i can't achieve, without C# coding, is retexturing firewood blok pile. Unfortunately, there is no direct shape definition for firewood pile block. So, it have vanilla texture. But block name (in hint) are from mod. And modded firewoods can be placed or taken from pile. rfw.zip
  11. As far, as i remember, peat piles use same mechanic as firewood. Single item, stacked in pile as block. We use pressed peat bricks, as long burning low temperature fuel on our server. And this mod created without c# coding. And my answer was about item recipe. It have same grid layout as vanilla recipe (problem #1). And ingredient/result domain not defined (problem #2).
  12. I create this thing as part of our server mod, but, if anyone interested in braziers, i can try to release it here. (Never done such things as mod publishing before, but, may be it is not very hard )
  13. Black bronze one: But, IMHO, non-vanilla texture (something looks like more as... soot, carbon black) can be slightly better visually.
  14. This ones made from metal scraps. But it can be done with any metal, yes.
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