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  1. Please, add separate download, with source versions of patched files for skill experience levels. At this moment there is only pure/medium/rich/bountiful/ungraded experience grades, but, as example, brown coal are very common, bituminous much rarer, and anthracite is very rare, but all of them give same experience. Same things with metals: copper are very common. Tin are rare. IMHO, rare version of ores must give more experience. I can try to restore unpatched versions from patched, but, i believe, it can be useful not only for me. Also... Is there any way to exclude or add ores
  2. Chiseling with luminiferous ability also turn chiseled block to light source. But reconnecting remove all this fake lights.
  3. Looks like mushroom harvesting skill allow infinite farming of cattails root. Instead of breaking, it drops root, but leave plant lower part intact. So... Break, take, repeat... Until inventory full
  4. Yes, but it is little annoying, when you throw them away, while in your home. Anyway, i have improved version of this idea You can define, which items are move to void on pickup. Something like strongback inventory, but acting like filter. So, if, as example, i blast quartz vein with ore bombs, and put quartz chunk and clear quartz chunk in this "filter" inventory, i dont need to throw tons of quartz to far corner at regular basis. It just removes from existance.
  5. And yet another idea for survival branch: "Void" ability - personal trashcan inventory (all items, put in this inventory, are removed from existance). May be, realisation similar to trashcan from Neccessarities mod.
  6. Russian translation (xskills_v0.4.9.zip\assets\xskills\lang) ru.json
  7. And some feedback: Drifters throw rock with exceptional accuracy and range (impossible for player, even with boosted ranged attacks). They can shot you from ladder 30+ cubes above with easy. Almost without miss. Only unpredictable movement patterns can help. IMHO, range or accuracy need to be reduced.
  8. Found a little bug. With this mod, vanilla coordinate hud switches from relative coordinates to absolute, after i set my spawnpoint using temporal gear. Not sure, is restart needed, or not. It is not a problem, really. But bigger numbers not so easy to remember or check.
  9. With new version all works as intended - most chunks are removed. If i fall back to previous release, world generated again without gaps. Link to server-main: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57xgk6qf41bjp12/server-main.txt?dl=0
  10. There is no any errors in server-main ATM, but, here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57xgk6qf41bjp12/server-main.txt?dl=0
  11. Really strange. I try with different world settings (from default to heavily modified), both, localhost server or singleplayer. I cannot find gaps in terrain Can this issue be related to differences with locale comma separator?
  12. Another suggestion for Survival skills branch: As far, as i can remember, entity (player too) can have property LightHSV - ability to emit light. So, i believe, it is possible to create something like "luminiferous" skill. Each rank allow player to emit more and more light. Ideal for cave exploring, IMHO
  13. Its strange, but when i create new world, i have all chunks generated. No empty chunks - all looks like just as in vanilla. Game version 1.14.7. No another world-generation-change mods. But there is error report in console: 29.1.2021 18:52:12 [Error] System.Exception: Invalid spawn coordinates found в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.EntityPosFromSpawnPos(PlayerSpawnPos playerSpawn) в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.GetSpawnPosition(String playerUID, Boolean onlyGlobalDefaultSpawn) в Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.FinalizePlayerIdentification(_icpJQCjhVYa6ZAMDaGe5Bb2g5fd pa
  14. Happens again. May be triggered when travelled via translocator. UPD: No, translocating, teleporting, or just run far away just increase value of consumed durability when i set return point. UPD2: it is triggered definitely after i repair translocator and travel to other side. When i stay exact at point, where i use mirror to mark return point first time\ durability not consumed. Value of consumed durability exact as distance between first marked point and next marked point. Just as when i travel, using mirror to its destination. -------------------------------------------------
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