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CAN Server 1.17 PvP Survival


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Server address:
Discord: click

  • Host is in central Europe
  • 30 days in a month
  • Default traders and translocators are removed
  • Default claims are disabled, Claims mod is used instead(coins from Trade-o-mat is used for city creation, plots payments)
  • Player's respawn point is set by bed(temporal gear is not used for that)
  • Default classes are replaced(smith, farmer, soldier, handy). Player now has level of the class, higher level - stronger bonuses provided by traits.
    Smith - more durability for smithed tools, more drops from ore blocks; farmer - more seeds/food drops, etc...
  • PvP is enabled and allowed everywhere(except Spawn city)


  • MoreCrops, Expanded Foods, Fields of Gold, FromGoldenCombs, A Culinary Artillery, Wildcraft
  • FeverstoneHorses, Creatures and Critters
  • Trade-o-mat, Simple Weight Mod, canmods, Player Corpse, effectshud, simpleAlchemy, StoneQuarry,
    Bricklayers, StoneQuarry, Expanded Matter, WoodChests, claims, claimsext
  • dummyPlayer, xmelee, Player Corpse
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