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Random default name for new Multiplayer Server Games (+ some other tweaks)


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There are a lot of "Vintage Story Server" in the "Browse public servers" list. This is not ideal.

As a simple solution, I suggest that when a host starts a new multiplayer game the default name should not be "Vintage Story Server" but instead it should roll up a random name (like the random world names). This would only be the default, and the host would be able to put anything they like in there including "Vintage Story Server" if they really feel they must.

.... other stuff ....

It would be nice if the "Your Servers" list would indicate which servers are online and possibly also how many players are currently on them.

When you are actually playing on a multiplayer server it would be nice if you could check server details (such as players online, mods in use, server name, server version, possibly world settings)

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