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Critical update of "Vegan Milk Simplified"

Ivan Stamenov

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Dear fellow player,

If you are one of the thirty people who downloaded "Vegan Milk Simplified", the initial release of this mod had a nasty incompatibility with the handbook which causes the game to crash when any of the items in the handbook is clicked.

This seems to be fixed with ver. 1.0.1.

Nor the exception, nor the log files hint towards this mod as a reason for the crash. So, if you have it enabled in the mods manager and your game crashes when you click an item in the handbook, there is no need to re-install the game. Please get ver. 1.0.1 or remove this mod.

Unfortunately currently there is no way for me as a mod author to push (notifications for) critical updates, that's why I create this topic with the hope that it will be seen by the affected people.

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