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Mod Request, tiered crop seeds.


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I was going to make it myself but for some reason I can't get this one working.

I Started off by simply added an extra drop for Flax and was going to expand to all other farmable crops.

basically Its just making it so that when you harvest your crops you have a chance to get a new seed for the same crop that is improved by making it grow faster, using less nutrients, increased temperature tolerance, and yielding slightly more resources.

if you got an improved seed it would have a chance to produce an even better seed.

the chance of getting the improved seed is low but can be repeated up to 10 times.

kind of like the minecraft mod that allows you to increase your crops to 10/10/10 but it would be more like 10/10/10/10 respectively to each trait of the crop, Growth speed, Nutrient requirements, Temperature tolerance, and Production.

instead of making it have many traits I was simply going to improve everything a little with each advancement.

you would start off with the basic vanilla seed that when you harvest the plant you had a small chance to get an extra seed in addition to your normal yield the new seed would be a slightly improved version of the crop improving each characteristic; after and only after it's 100% done in it's final growth stage. harvesting it early would result in no improved seed chance but you would still have your vanilla chance of getting the normal seed for that crop.

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