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Question: Drifters and Those Portals.


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I've been trying to build a castle in my world, with fortifications, mottes and the like, but Drifters and the portals that they spawn from always spawn inside the castle walls and everytime I walk at night inside on what I would like to be a safe space I'm attacked by the drifters. Is there a pattern on how the portals spawn or something like that? I would guess it's by light so I tried to illuminate everywhere but they still spawn. I would love if drifters werent able to spawn near player buildings too. If anyone can answer me on how to stop drifters spawning inside my buildings or if there is any mod that can help with that I would appreciate it. (NOTE: I DON'T WANT A MOD TO REMOVE DRIFTERS COMPLETELY)

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Very simple.

Rifts (those you call portals) are spawning in vicinity of the player with the intensity reflected in "Current rift activity: ***", when the activity is not Calm.

The higher is the activity, the more rifts are generated around you.

Drifters are spawning next to the rift once the requirements are met: flat horizontal surface of full block(not a slab), two air blocks above the surface free of anything except of grass and flowers, light level less than 7.

There's no way to avoid rifts generation as per 1.17.11 (see below).

You can light the environment taking into account that regular lanterns have light level of 18, and the light is going down by Manhattan distance (AFAIK). Make sure to have the light level to be 8+ on those horizontal surfaces.

There are some empiric indications showing that the rifts would not generate inside "hot room"/"cellar", see its definition in body temperature management and food preservation sections of the handbook. Yet a rift next to your house *outside* - may cause drifters to spawn *inside* the house if the blocks and lighting requirements are met.


There are rumors that in 1.18 there will be some mysterious device that will either prevent drifters from spawning or prevent drifters to get close to the device.

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