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Bizarre assortment of graphical issues on two different modded servers

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Back in November I played on Aura Fury and game performance was fine. 

Now when I try to play I get periodic hard freezes for about 1-5 seconds usually, often occurring while traveling or a few seconds after teleporting.  Those freezes are almost always followed by a complete loss of world rendering that only leaves entities visible.  Alt + F2 reloads most of the world but sometimes "holes" of varying sizes and shapes persist, the picture with the building shows this effect, that building is complete with walls and floor but they're invisible. Often placing blocks or interacting (such as opening a chest) will make some of it load in, but the next action just as often makes it go away again. 

The labels on crates are not actually blank, but they appear to be, signs are also all blank and barrels with fluid all appear empty regardless of what they hold. (Solids seem to display correctly).

The plant has been following me around off and on for two days now.  Staying in place until I move a few blocks away from it the popping up behind me.  Sometimes it's a single plant as shown below but other times it's been many of the plant sprites all overlapping.

In between the freezes the game performs well, no lag at all and work that doesn't involve moving quickly like smithing and mining can go on uninterrupted indefinitely as far as I can tell.

What I've tried:

I updated video card drivers, dropped graphics settings, completely uninstalled the game and then manually deleted the vintagestory and vintagestorydata folders in appdata.  I turned on all the amd video card optimization things in Adrenalin and tried turning them all off.  I came back to the game after being away since November and it did this for two days then just worked for one day and then went back to broken now.

My computer specs:

Windows 10, 16GB RAM,  Intel i3-8100 @ 3.6GHz, Radeon RX 560


Blank labels.png

Missing chunk.png

Missing world.png

Pet Plant.png

Visible player.png

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