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Field not found: 'Vintagestory.API.Config.GlobalConstants.MaxAnimatedElements'.

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I am getting error Running on 64 bit Windows with 32 GB RAM Game Version: v1.17.9 (Stable) 4/10/2023 10:28:03 AM: Critical error occurred Loaded Mods: aculinaryartillery@1.0.11, betterruins@0.0.7, primitivesurvival@3.1.2, volumetricshadingcontinued@0.6.8, game@1.17.9, wildcraft@1.5.0, captureanimals@2.3.0, carryon@0.12.0, expandedfoods@1.6.4, petai@1.5.5, creative@1.17.9, vsquest@0.3.2, survival@1.17.9, vsvillage@0.5.0, xlib@0.6.14, cats@1.5.3, tradercamps@1.0.4, feverstonehorses@1.3.9-rc.2, foxtaming@1.2.0, xskills@0.6.14 System.MissingFieldException: Field not found: 'Vintagestory.API.Config.GlobalConstants.MaxAnimatedElements'.

I found that in the .json that field not exist in int. So I added "maxAnimatedElements": 36 to the int section but am still crashing with the same error


Any ideas what else I can do, or how it can be caused?

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