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  1. The mod adds Temporal Mirror, you can save a point (Sneak + RMB on the block) and return to this point (Hold RMB). Mirror craft from sign and temporal gear and has 10 uses. teleportermod_v1.0.0.zip
  2. I made a patch for blocktypes/chiseledblock.json, changed sidesolid: {all: false} to sidesolid: {all: true}. Now claypot can be placed on the chiseled blocks, but for some reason torches (and other) can be put on the light-chiseled side only. So it will be necessary to look at the code StableChiseledBlock-v1.0.0.zip
  3. The mod only adds recipes to existing blocks. Primarily for construction and decoration
  4. My luck. Who can tell me why I managed to write recipes in the title of the topic SO? UPD: I figured out that it is possible to rename the topic. Good :)
  5. Have you ever been tired of looking for an iron fence, crates, a quiver or a chandelier in dungeons? Especially if you need ten of them in your mansion? Have you ever been surprised by the strange lack of recipes for a vines basket, omok or colored torches? Why can't lining be added to an already finished lantern? Why can’t the plates cover the floor, although it is written on them? This and much more adds my More Recipes mod. Recipes added for: Deconstruct added for: If there are suggestions for recipes for some other things, or changes to current ones - suggest) morerecipes_v1.0.0.zip
  6. Still relevant? It is done in one patch, just change false to true.
  7. After <code: "knife- *"> it makes sense to add <allowedVariants: ["copper", "blackbronze", "tinbronze", "bismuthbronze", "iron", "silver", "gold"]>. That there were no recipe errors, because knives can be stone.
  8. Checked. It doesn’t react to corpses at all, it react to a mannequin, but because of the mechanics of the thorns only once. And is it possible to add a coefficient of damage from the height of the fall? At the moment, regardless of altitude, the damage will always be 1.5 hp. Even if the damage from usual falling from such a height was supposed to kill.
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