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  1. @Tech_Rabbit Try this version, I added a little more debug info PlayerCorpse_v1.14.7_v1.0.3-pre.1.zip
  2. It is very strange. The error happens here api.World.AllPlayers.FirstOrDefault(p => p.PlayerName.ToLower() == args[0].ToLower()); No players on the server? Can I have more context?
  3. Please change your modid (in modinfo and other places) from Katana to katana. Modid must be lowercase, your mod does not work on Linux/macOS now
  4. Are you changing Val? Also are you doing edit -> save -> close editor -> load world? HasHealth: { Comment: "Has 100 hp, can be broken by another player", Default: false, Val: false -> true }
  5. %appadata%/VintagestoryData/ModConfig/helvehammerextensions.json (created after the first load of the world)
  6. Not enough mineral dyes. Everything works. Perhaps there is a conflict with some other mod or the mod did not load at all? Do other crafts work? https://imgur.com/OGZKo4O And why did you reply to my post in Grave Mod topic?
  7. VintagestoryData/ModConfig/playercorpse.json
  8. v1.4.13: Fixed rime planter recipe (@luette) Added painting recipes and enabled small pelt recipe Added fern tree disassemble recipe Added wallpaper recipes
  9. v1.0.2: Fixed waypoints at world border
  10. Thanks, fixed. Apparently I broke it when I was fixing patches that didn't work at all
  11. @luette PlayerCorpse_v1.14.7_v1.0.2-pre.2.zip
  12. Meh. Dot and comma. I think it culture decimal separator problem. I'll just round the numbers, I think this will help.
  13. @Kai Effelsberg @luette Try this version (added additional log and possibly fixed the problem with waypoints) PlayerCorpse_v1.14.7_v1.0.2-pre.1.zip
  14. You should have loose pieces. Considering that the maximum is 3 ingots in height, anvil crafting will be strange
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