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  1. v1.1.5 - Added a log for the destruction / collection of a corpse - Added EntityId to corpse creation log - Added DebugMode config value to enable chat log An additional log should also help track down an error with missing corpses
  2. It won't work, it needs an item code and there is no such item. Do you do this via a patch / manual file change? How does it look completely? You can also add any number of entities to one item, wildcards are supported and the entities field itself is an array. You can use something like this: "entities": [ { "code": "game:hare-*", "capturechance": 1 }, { "code": "othermodid:rabbit-*", "capturechance": 0.9 }, { "code": "othermodid:bigrabbit-red", "capturechance": 0.2 } ]
  3. I’ll think about it. Someone has even suggested something like this before. I am rewriting a lot in mod now, so I won't add anything new)
  4. This only affects death data files that are used by the /returnthings command.
  5. How do you do it? I saw screenshots of this in the discord, but I don't understand how it happened. I sometimes reduce the minimum distance between teleports for debugging, but I even checked the last one and a couple of versions before it - everything is fine with the settings. Which version did you use?
  6. v1.4.0: - Fixed killing behavior of rndtp command - Added stability consumption (default 10%) for teleport - Added unstable teleport behavior if there is a temporal storm or low player stability - Added a global cooldown for teleporting a player (default 5 seconds). - Improved lang strings - Moved block broken behavior from BE class to block class
  7. Teleport takes about 10 or 20% of the temporal stability (gear in the center) for teleport. But due to synchronization problems or something else, this value is immediately returned back. I still haven't finished this feature, but the mobs "phasing" should be associated with it.
  8. It's weird that you wrote this as a separate topic, but okay. TpNet has a non-working function of consuming stability when teleporting. Perhaps I should remove it altogether
  9. v1.3.2: - Fixed world generation crash v1.3.1 don't work correctly, "crash when teleport loaded from schematic" fix causes a new crash when generating the structure in new chunks
  10. v1.3.1: - Fixed crash when teleport loaded from schematic - Fixed interact help for change frame (showed Shift instead of Ctrl) - Fixed frame top texture
  11. v1.3.0: - New teleport model - You can be change the teleport frame (base texture) to any block with DrawingType is Cube (RMB + Shift with a block) - Fixed animation glitch (more animation frames and EraseIn/OutSpeed) - Using remainingResistance = 1 instead of 9999 durability to prevent break in unbrekable mode - A few more simple changes and refactoring
  12. For most mods, the update is only required between major versions (1.14 -> 1.15), because there is a lot of new content. Increases the chance of breaking vanilla asset patches (if something changes in them), code mod, greatly increases the use of Harmony (including between minor versions). It can also be related to changes in the API (indicated in the changelog). Compared to mc, where sometimes a mod needs to be completely rewritten, support for mods on VS is not difficult. In any case, as long as the game is constantly evolving and changing, mods will break. Also, additional problems are caused by the excessive use of the game domain for the mod's assets or the use of replacing the file along the same path instead of the patch (exclude shapes, lang).
  13. v1.1.4: - Fixed crash (removed new log) - Fixed interaction ring only works on one corpse, if there are several (v1.1.3)
  14. v1.2.1: - Fixed teleport GUI scrollbar - Added new rare teleport structure (with trader) - Added roads structures
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