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  1. Tier 2 blackguard armor has no durability and breaks with 1 hit
  2. It's strange. When testing, I could write on them o_O
  3. Maybe then output the corresponding power? It would help a lot. It's hard to compare a water wheel to a windmill now.
  4. Are you using other wood texture? There is game:block/wood/planks/generic
  5. v1.4.7: Fixed the number of output mossy stones in the recipe (1 -> 8 )
  6. Will the torque also be like a windmill rotor? Perhaps then just add 100kW to make it clear that the wheel power is identical.
  7. Is it possible to sort the tabs like in a creative? At least so that the mods tabs do not mix with vanilla tabs
  8. When I made the mod, the iron door simply didn't have a recipe. Six iron ingots is a perfectly recipe, but since vanilla now has an iron door craft and it is more expensive...
  9. How does the power of your wheel compare to the power of the wind turbine? The same? Twice as much? Twice smaller? Just write the corresponding kW so that it can be understood.
  10. v1.4.6: Completely disabled cheap iron door recipe (typo fixed)
  11. v1.4: Fixed JRE (again completely rewritten chests, removed horizontaloriented variants) Added creative tab Warn! Chests from older versions will break. Known issues: Labeleld chests have a vanilla oak chest texture in inventory
  12. Do you add attributes to animals? My mod patches the attributes of vanilla animals by adding baits there. Some animals do not initially have attributes at all. Maybe are you overwriting my changes?
  13. How many kW does your wheel generate? 100, how is the windmill? It would be nice to point this out in the block help.
  14. Known issue. Latest stable release v1.2.1 (texture bug) or v1.2.0 (no animation). On v1.3 you can crash when opening a chest.
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