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  1. Mod adds different variants for existing blocks. morevariants_v1.0.0_1.13.4.zip
  2. The wall has a hitbox like a full block. Try looking at the fence json to implement the correct hitbox.
  3. Most likely the problem with the interface cannot be solved at the content level. You will have to create your own class and change the way the GUI is drawn. West, east, ne, etc. are used to rotate the block. Perhaps this is a "vestige", because currently the chest rotates at an angle and is not limited to 4 positions.
  4. Good job! As I understand it, the idea with dropByType from #modding-help didn't work? P.S. Made a lang file for Russian. ru.json
  5. The game does not recognize recipes as recipes, you put them in the wrong place. I wrote before, apparently you did not see
  6. Most likely, you will need a code mod to add crafting to Bloomery. As with crafting in Quern.
  7. Unlike .rar, .zip can be opened everywhere. The .rar has some advantages, but in this case they are not relevant. If you pay attention to the releases, there are all mods in .zip. It's surprising that the game recognized the .rar archive at all). You can make a crutch and patch the iron melting point. Or at least make a recipe at bloomery. But a relatively realistic recipe for steel, this is a blast furnace, in which cast pig iron is made, from cast pig iron on an anvil get high-carbon steel, and already from it ordinary steel. Chromium is superfluous in steel, this is already an ingredient of stainless steel, if my memory serves me, it has a thin film of chromium oxide that protects iron from interaction with oxygen.
  8. A small question, how and where to find chromium? And is it mined with an iron pickaxe? I don’t remember exactly, but there were ores requiring steel and higher Also iron cannot be melted at the moment. It has a melting point higher than that of any fuel.
  9. 1. Use .zip, not .rar 2. Add "game" domen to ingredients and output: { ingredients: [ { type: "item", code: "game:ingot-iron", minratio: 0.87, maxratio: 0.9 }, { type: "item", code: "game:ingot-chromium", minratio: 0.1, maxratio: 0.13 } ], output: { type: "item", code: "game:ingot-steel" } } And then you can put the files in /assets/<modid> and not in /assets/game. Recipes do not need to be added to the survival folder, just to /assets/<modid>/recipes. P.S. Although the game is divided into several mods, they all use the "game" domain
  10. New verison 1.2: - Fix red torch (mushroom name changed on 1.13) - Add Aged Bed, Table and Chair - Add Hay (Bamboo) - Add Treasure Chests (Owl and Golden) - Add Irondoor - Add Ornate Spears (Gold and Silver Spears) - Change Kapock Planks pickling to Kapock Log pickling (Because on 1.13 there is Aged Log) - Add Stalactite/gmite recipe, fix its drops
  11. Have you tried running on 1.13? I do not have the opportunity to update mods yet, but this is not Minecraft, theopetically, it can work on 1.13. If you have errors at startup, write here or in the Issue on GitHub, this will simplify (and speed up) porting.
  12. You can use helve hammer and mechanical power for automatic craft plates
  13. Release v1.1 - Added baits - Added baits recipes registration system based on animal attributes (EntityAgent) - The size of the Cage entity has been reduced, and the shelvable attribute has been added so that cages can be placed on the shelf (but size is still a problem) - Added hover info on cage - Cage now do not break when hit in the wall. This error was due to the use of part of the code from EntityTrownStone, Cage’s flight mechanics will be rewritten, as now it is flying weird... as stone - Cage now have a chance to break if an attempt to catch an animal is unsuccessful ("breakchance" in cage attributes, default - 25%) - Animals are now always caught with some "chance" (default without bait: 10%) - Animals are caught 100% if their health percentage is lower than "minhealth" (default without bait: 10%) - Patched vanilla animals to add baits: - All chicken: any grain, chance: 100%, min health: 100% - All rabbits: carrot, chance: 100%, min health: 100% - All pigs: turnip, chance: 75%, min health: 50% - All sheep: cabbage, chance: 75%, min health: 50% - All foxes: raw poultry, chance: 50%, min health: 50% - All wolf: any grain, chance: 50%, min health: 50% Known Issues: - You can't add baits with the same code and different chance and minhealth - In the manual you can’t see the recipe for the cell with the bait, because it has custom attributes, but the recipe exists and can be seen through its ingredients
  14. @ApacheTech If it’s still relevant and you don’t like the impossibility of missing the night. This simple mod (from one json patch) increases the sleep time on beds by 2 times. Up to 10, 13 and 15 hours, respectively extendsbedtime-1.0.0.zip
  15. And what is the problem of taking the torch and walking at night with it (I generally did not sleep playing in VS)? I am not a fan of the "iron man", QoL is always important to me (within reasonable limits). But surviving in vanilla VS is easy. Normal Drifters practically do not cause problems, and they are the only ones to spawn at night. Much more dangerous are hyenas, wolves and other animals. But they are both day and night.
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