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Rare chance for bony soil to exist in peat bogs...


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For all those times in the past when someone used a peat bog as a disposal area. 

It should not occur in surface layers of peat. And perhaps the chance could increase the deeper the peat layers are. So, you never find it in the top layer. You might very rarely find one layer below that. Slightly higher chance in the 2nd layer down, etc. And then perhaps some fixed percentage past a certain point, but never a very high probability. 

Some additional interest could by added by maxing out the percentage of blocks within a peat area that are bony soil. Perhaps only a couple of folks wound up there. You could then add some interest by extremely - I repeat - extremely rarely having a sufficiently large peat bog have a whole massacre of bony soil at the bottom.

The intention is not to make peat bogs a handy source of bony soil, but rather to make things interesting. And the bony soil takes care of adding the additional smidgen of archaeological interest of artifacts from the past.

(why yes, I am currently digging out a few peat bogs that are in the way of some paving over I am doing.)

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