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  1. First, as an FYI to the Vintage Story team/devs, I found Vintage Story through PaulSoaresJr. I figure it's handy to know where user come from, as far as finding a game/app. Second, <sarcasm>thanks, thanks a lot </sarcasm>, cause I was just really hunting for a game where I have already died And rage quit many many times before even reaching the copper age. I've never stayed with a game this long after dying so much before really progressing. Finally, truly thanks (no sarcasm), I've attempted many times to play TerraFirmaCraft but gave up (also before the copper age usually) due to bad spawns (as in nothing but a big gravel island as far as the eye could see) or non-intuitive task requirements. I much prefer this. Take care, Melody
  2. I generally like playing multiple saves of sandbox games like Vintage Story, switching back and forth between 2 to 3, sort of round robin style. But I want different things in each save/world. Hence, mod management. With java Minecraft, I use MultiMC. With RimWorld, I use a mod to allow such switching. Does Vintage Story have that ability? Perhaps with a mod? If not, is such a mod possible? Or perhaps Vintage Story devs have it planned for the future? Take care, Melody
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