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Realms of Andora - An Ambitious Custom Server Project


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"Cradled amidst mountains and shimmering lakes, the Realms of Andorra are a land of enchantment where magic flows freely, and ancient mysteries lurk at every turn. Here, one can lose themselves in the ethereal beauty of the landscape or embrace the mystical energy that courses through its veins. But beware, for the realms of Andorra are not for the faint of heart, and those who seek its secrets must be prepared to face the unknown and journey into the realms of the extraordinary."



Hello Vintage Story community! My name is Davis and I’ve been a passionate Vintage Story player for the last two and a half years. The reason for my post today is to outline my vision for a server project I have had in the works for a while which I now wish to share with the community to see what interest there is within our small community of VS. Feedback is welcome, and if you’re interested in being a part of this project I invite you to join the Discord server and we can make this dream become a reality together.

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/bNt3T4btCW



The Realms of Andora is a server project I hope to bring to fruition with the help of talented developers and an interested VS player base. The goal of this server is simple, to create a realistic survival experience that encourages civilization building with real people to create a living and breathing MMO experience within Vintage Story. With that goal comes the four pillars I think hold up a server like this, they are.

  • A realistic functioning economy that is driven by the players.
  • A world with as little admin intervention and safeguards as possible. Players are meant to create and govern this world as they see fit. Of course, we’ll provide custom mods to aid in this.
  • Realistic in-game systems/custom mods that make managing large player run civilizations possible.
  • A large-scale game server, capable of having hundreds of players connected at the same time without sacrificing game performance.

This may look familiar to a well-known genre of multiplayer servers from Minecraft, classed as the “Civ” genre, and you’d be correct to assume this server will have a lot of similarities, but it will be completely independent of that community, and I intend to take things much farther than they have in terms of custom mods and the experience in game.

The finished product will not be for the faint of heart. There will be bandits, there will be PVP, there will be systems that make food security harder to achieve. Single player milestones will take longer to achieve to encourage group play and large settlement building. If this sounds up your alley, you found the right project.


I have been working on a list of custom mods that will be required for a server like this. This is my initial wish list and with a growing community will come new demands, new ideas and an evolution of the server, so this is merely my initial pool of mods, and you should expect this list to grow. 

1.   RoA Kingdoms - An advanced faction management system that allows the placement of settlement blocks, the sieging of claims, and advanced permissions and management of your in-game factions. This also will contribute greatly to balancing the economy. See this article for a detailed outline - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jQa104snQT2ffsqUo3KxopoNvT5Ubrxd8B6YgJN_GYE/edit?usp=sharing

2.   RoA Utilities - A mod with a few generation and quality of life changes. Remove player name visibility, remove player pin visibility, ore vein size increase and decrease spawning chance, player spawn changes. Read more here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vCgKBftwL6uLX-ZW6RWM_DMgm5_Q_2FsL7RR_deJAd4/edit

3.   Better Death & Starvation Mechanics - More meaningful death and starvation mechanics. Adding new debuffs for death and starvation. Adding buffs for things like being well fed with a balanced diet, and offering remedies to the debuffs you take on from the death and starvation vanilla mechanics.

4.  RoA Judge, Jury & Executioner - This mod will give players the ability to police each other and commit crimes anonymously. Read a more detailed description here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FVoolknex6T127mywG0S4u24q6XYG2MHpldUEm8-Oi0/edit?usp=sharing

5.   RoA Communications - A mod that adds local proximity chat, and the ability to have global chat activated at an admins discretion, on our server we'll be keeping it to proximity chat. Read more about it here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mz99G7i9B0ckQ1hTQkI-NMFkpWwfb7FOY07lRO9td7g/edit?usp=sharing

6.   Banners & Heraldry - Customized weapons, armor, banners, flags, clothing items and accessories, specific to historical cultures. 

This also means I’m looking for modders who have experience and are interested in bringing these mods to life. I do not mod and monetary compensation is available if you’re willing to provide your services!



The following list is a roadmap of items I’m going to be knocking off one at a time in order to complete my vision for the server; these will most likely be completed out of order. Feel free to ask questions about these items in the discord.


·         Achieve an active player base of 50 players.

o   Upgrade server hardware to support 50 players on the server at one time. Funded by myself. Continue to upgrade as required, end goal is to have 250-500 players once VS can handle that. 

·         Either through payment or volunteer work, knock out the development of the custom mods listed above.

·         Setup a community forum and main website.

o   Eventually have a UCP setup for management of player profiles and in-game factions. 

o   Setup a wiki to record player history, faction history and major server events.

·         Figure out ways to monetize the server for further growth, THERE WILL NEVER BE PAY TO WIN STYLE MONETIZATION or monthly subscription requirements.

o   Having your own custom heraldry, weapons, armor, clothing, and unqiue cosmetics. 

o   Colored player names in game, donator ranks etc.

o   An upgraded faction management perk that allows your faction members to have titles added to their visible names, and an advanced web based UCP for ranking and organizing your faction.

o   Sell merchandise.

o   Accept donations from the community.



If you’ve read this far, I hope that means you’re interested! I’ve always felt that Vintage Story would be a perfect survival sandbox for world building with hundreds of other players. It’s only going to be possible with the help of like-minded players, developers, and our dedicated VS development team. Really hope to see you join the project and be a part of its growth!

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Hi guys!
I'm very interested in this concept. It's exactly what i thought vintage story would be good for.
I contrasted Vintage story with Minecraft's Stoneworks server.
Vintage story i can see a much more realistic and engaging roleplay element simply down to not everyone being a solo crazy anarcho-capitalist. Capable of manufacturing mass amounts of products with no learning and little investment.
To get anything in vintage story you really have to invest in time and material.
This pure economic fact should contribute to creating a more realistic environment than stoneworks.
I'm very excited to work on this server.

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