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Wildlife and Life

Jack Play

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Currently I think that the animals in the game are very well done, from their mechanics to the way they interact with the player, but I think that a little more variety would not hurt at all, so here is a small or not so small list of animals that I think they should be implemented to the game and its mechanics







The crows would have the purpose of stealing crops like other herbivorous animals that are responsible for ruining our crops, thus being able to evade the pits of death that many players do, unlike other animals, they would risk more trusting in their flight, the player would have to be closer than normal to escape from it and clearly the scarecrows would have a function, besides I firmly believe that listening to crows in the mornings and afternoons will give the game a very sound atmosphere, just like scaring away the wolves at night.
Ravens in real life are very intelligent and I know of many cases in which they are domesticated and are even more dependent than a parrot or other domestic bird, but I don't know to what extent these could be used as pets

On the other hand, it occurs to me that if more types of flying birds are added, they could add methods of attracting and capturing these birds, giving the game a decorative and more lively touch, even if it is the same model but with different skins and sounds.






Horses and Saddles


image taken from Feverstone's Horses mod

Clearly the addition of creatures or mountable fauna to help us on our long journeys would be great but it would clearly break the game a bit (from my point of view) therefore I would add a hunger bar for the horse which would be filled by allowing it to eat grass or something similar forcing the player to stop every so often to allow the horse to refuel by eating.
The addition of mounts would be a great revolution for the game since it is not necessary to be limited only to horses, they could even include larger mammals that can be tamed and ridden by the player, all with their advantages and disadvantages, such as some type of buffalo (in the style of apa from the animated series avatar the legend of ang but without flying... or is it? hehe) but anyway, just as if they put me a dinosaur that takes me wherever I want, I'm happy




Aquatic Creatures


The seas and lakes of the world are very empty and it's a problem other games have had forever but I think adding a few creatures would be great.

for lakes it would be great to see

  • turtles
  • snakes
  • crocodiles (?)
  • catfish or some type of large fish that makes you think twice before entering a pond

for the oceans we could see

  • dolphins
  • sharks
  • Whales
  • small colored fish, why not?






My intention with this post is to share my ideas about the expansion of the biodiversity of this fantastic game and to be able to read yours as well, I will update it as more things occur to me or read some of yours

Thank you for reading ñ_ñ

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