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Have any creators here made a mod based on historical bronze age swords or sword designs for the Bronze sword in-game that you can download?

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So there are several well known swords when it comes to historical Bronze Age swords and they all have very nice designs to take inspiration from if anybody's done a mod for that. In particular of interest, you have the NAUE II and Ewart Park sword designs. There's also the Nordic Bronze Age swords or the Chinese ones from the Shang Dynasty.

Some pictures for as follows. The Type G and NAUE II swords would have been Greek or Aegean, while the Ewart Park was Celtic. The NAUE II is thought by some people to be essentially the precursor to the Xiphos or what inspired it before they developed wrought irons and steels, it would have been what the heroes in Ancient Greek mythology set in the Bronze Age would have actually used against 'monsters' or the Trojan War and so on in the source material.

If you want to look at the other Greek Bronze Age sword designs, here is a detailed source: http://www.salimbeti.com/micenei/weapons1.htm

If some modders are interested in Bronze Age Chinese sword designs for inspiration, haven't managed to find many images besides some auction pics like the one below. Since they survived the Bronze Age collapse, they did have some well known bronze swords in the classical era though like this one: https://www.awesomeinventions.com/2500-year-old-chinese-sword-of-goujian/

The Ewart Park Celtic sword is the 1st picture, the NAUE II is the 2nd, Nordic Bronze sword the 3rd and Shang Dynasty one from an auction on google images the 4th image.

Ewart Park Celtic Sword.png

Type G.png


Nordic Bronze Sword.png

Shang Dynasty Sword.png

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