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World edit limits ???


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hi, I've tried to use world edit commands a lot last few weeks. Especially mcopy/mpaste/mexc etc.... I've fonud that world edit operations have some limits. You can export some big part of the world (for example 100 x 100 height 150) with "/we mexc [name]" command. You can upload this file to server and use world edit menu command for paste this file. However paste operation is completed with errors - some border parts of pasted world part are missing.

Very small world parts are copy/pasted without problems (data file has max 20 MB). Bigger parts (like 100x100 height 150; file size > 20-30 MB) are problematic. 

Does anybody know the reason? Does VS have some limits for world edit operations in settings? Is it a problem od server memory ?

I've found that the problem isn't the size of pasted world part but real size of the file. I can copy big part of the world made mostly of air => file size is small. Bit every real cube counts. Even small part of the world but full of real cubes means big file size.

Any help? Idea?

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