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  1. Farming turns to be more complicated after last major update. Our normally functioning farm doesn't work anymore. Mostly because of high temperature (berries don't grow, most of the vegatables/cereals have temeprature problem and they turn dry/dead. I'm looking for most suitable place to found new farm. Do you have any ideas/tips/tricks to find the best place for farming with least limitations concerning temperature etc... ???
  2. Nobody? Ok, the only solution I have found is to split whole claim to several pieces and add them to claim one by one ("/land claim add"). Frustrating and tedious job...
  3. I try to claim land as admin and admins m3 limit from serverconfig doesn't work. I've tried to claim area 1350 x 1100 with height 200. I mark area with start/end command, add it and save claim. But it results only claim 294 x 267 height 200 located by "end" corner of marked area. 1350x100x200 = 297 000 000, that is way less than admins claim limit 2 147 483 647 (serverconfig.json). What am I doing wrong ????
  4. This is a bug. It's always translocator on the other side.
  5. How to delete "cave art" i.e. paintings made by chalk, coal, ... ??? Destroying of block doesn't work - painting reappear after replacing block.
  6. It's not of course. Its a minor thing that could bring some confusion sometimes. Yes, it's graphically better than old icons but it could be designed more different
  7. Maybe but readability i.e. how to recognize the difference between them is very bad.
  8. I have finally installed 1.15.x version. How do you like new inventory icons of some materials? - Salt/Lime/Powder/Borax/Saltpeter/Mortar/Bonemeal/... look all the same. Very bad to recognize what is what. Looks the same only different color. Very, very bad. - Lump of Fat icon looks very weird; the old one was much better IMO - some other are different but at least they looks like they should (clays, cattails, wax, flint, flax/twine); but is it necessary to change them and force player to learn new icons???
  9. Erm... We don't play several days on our server often. With 1 real day = 1 game month it is not good option to use. 1 real hour of playing means 1 game day. Thats ok. I'd like to have: 1 real day of NO player on server = 1 game day. That would be perfect.
  10. Hi, is it possible to set VS server to slowly progress world time without any players online ?
  11. DrEngine

    Dark void.

    If I remember right this didn't work for me too. But dark void disappeared after long time. So good luck...
  12. DrEngine

    Dark void.

    It's some bug. You can correct it with console command. I don't remember it but it can be found here in forum... EDIT: try ".debug rc"
  13. 1. I's not necessary to start new map with major update. New features will be added to new generated parts of world. 2. I've got reassurement from dev team that terrain gen will NOT be changed so we'll not get such strange terrain glitch when updating game version like for example in Minecraft (where terrain gen change caused new and old terrain donn't fit).
  14. I haven't seen any food nerfing in last year or so. It depends on your map position. You can find a lot of berries for example in forests. There are places where are no berries at all. VS isn't an easy game...
  15. The solution is to delete target area first "/we mdelete". Paste works then.
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