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  1. Does greenhouse work (better growth of plants in winter...) ?
  2. My coplayer wandered in new map and he was looking for traders by visual check of map so he hasn't visited trader yet (you can see traders wagon easily if not below dense foliage in the map). We have returned there after some time: The traders wagon was still visible in the map but it disappeared as soon as our chunk load reached position of the wagon. There was no wagon at the place. Is it a bug or what ? I think we have moved from 1.14.4 to 1.14.5 inbetween (after first map generating and before final travel to trader).
  3. And what about mod "Simple HUD Clock" ? It has small window with reminder "Storm approaches XX.XX". It's very unmissable. Moreover you see what time left to storm.
  4. From VS WIKI: "Finding wild bees can be difficult. Wild bees are a rare spawn in warm climates, but they don't spawn in climates that are too arid or too wet. The best way to find them is to turn the game sound all the way up and wander around in forested areas. Bees are often heard before they are seen. Keep listening for bees, and checking the trees in the area. Wild hives can be inside or suspended from a log." and of course turn off music !!!
  5. Problem solved. It probably needed to reset value - after two set value/restart it works.
  6. Sorry for weak info, so: we have set "daysPerMonth" to 9 and from that time the server run through many restarts (every morning). The value is set to 9, but the month has 12 days still. To be sure I have made it once more: set "daysPerMonth" to 12 restarted server, and set "daysPerMonth" to 30 and restarted server again. Now I'll see if it works.
  7. Does "/worldConfig daysPerMonth [1-99]" work ? We set 9 days per month on our server. Command reports this value ("/worldConfig daysPerMonth"). However the server still has 12 days per month (implicit VS value).
  8. The same problem still again. My last batch of cheese: 4x 2pcs. All reported some % od ripening. One set of 2pcs succesfully ripen and stored in a chest. Another set of 2pcs was ripen more and more (last value was about 55% ripen) and suddently 2% spoiled this morning. Last two sets are ripening still. Even if the last sets would ripen succesfully it's 25% of waste. I'm looking forward to new version 1.14.6/7 and I hope it'll solve this problem.
  9. Second issue: I do see the same behaviour concerning the time until the cheese is ripe. I think it corresponds to system of block updates. And I think it's not a big problem.
  10. That would be fine. But what about use for all that new alloy types ? VS is very well balanced so (near) every item / block has some use and fit into "system".
  11. Metal scrap has very limited use ingame. Whoever reaches iron or steel age doesn't use metal scrap for tools (IMO). Other use is selling to trader only. What about possibility to smelt metal scrap to some metal ingot? For example 16 metals craps => 1 iron ingot (or bloom).
  12. Thanks Tyron ! (Fixed: Very long server freeze when /genbackup is slow and an autosave happens)
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