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  1. We've built castle high in the mountains. Level 210-240. The temperature is much lower than at the sea level especially during winter. I try to heat interior of the castle by fireplaces but without success. Any suggestions?
  2. Very interesting set of recommendations. I absolutly agree concerning Compost/TerraPrata ! And the same concerning rule making not new game content but improving existing ones.
  3. "seti" - ok. But it's the same, no 100% removed clouds.
  4. Yes I know. However "/weather stopclear" or "/weather setir clearsky" don't work 100%. Some clouds are present still.
  5. I need to switch off clouds to be able to screnshots mountains terrain from very high position for my project design. Clouds prevent me to get clear screnshot.
  6. @Streetwind : it seems your firepit fiddling doesn't work for me. I've tried to melt 40 pcs of copper nuggets: variant A: 1 charcoal first, 2 lignite after, melted. variant B: 2 lignite first, melted. I don't see any difference. May you write down some concrete exact example ? Thanks.
  7. The behaviour of the new scythe is simple terrible. I aim at the grass block (of course, please don't tell me I have to aim at grass block, it's obvious I should and I do it !), I hold mouse button, the scythe swings but no any grass is cut. This repeats in pattern: cut ok - cut ok - no cut... or similar. Absolutly terrible. Whole advantage of scythe is lost. Use of knife is more effective.
  8. Probably yes. If mod "farm life" generated some new blocks, after deactivating of mod your world has some unknown blocks now. And VS shows unknown block as white cube with question mark.
  9. Yes, charcoal is simple renewable solution. Find some pine forest with huge "double" pine trees (2x2) and it'll last for a long time. Concerning coal: find some sandstone/claystone/limestone area and explore all caves. You'll definitely find some coal deposit sooner or later.
  10. Yes, you can but sign placed on a chest looks differently. Not my cup of tea...
  11. Trader doesn't buy "Squire hood" even if repaired to 100%. Ditto for Green hat. Whats the problem?
  12. I use leather helmet + body/leg armor for everyday use. Iron armor (Brigandine) for tough situations only. That way you can spend a lot of leather easily.
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