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  1. hi, do you have any experience with commercial VS server hosting services? I use HostHavoc but I have experienced very badly today: I stopped server, I started manual backup, I deleted some auto-backup files. And suddently web UI reported error and after UI refresh I saw that the BACKUP folder disappear. HostHavoc support confirmed it. So my Backup folder with all backups was lost. I really don't want to rely on such unreliable service. Any other more reliable hosting ????
  2. Problem solved: the commands is "/we mdeletewater". However it works for still water onl (not salt water).
  3. What VS version does this command work ? No success in V1.18
  4. I'd like to remove sea water from bottom to level with World edit command. I can do it with flood fill - fill water from bottom to level with some non standard block like polished bauxite rock. And remove bauxite with Eraser Tool (replace only selected blocks) afterwards. However this is very laborious. Moreover flood tool covers big area. Thats not necessary. I'd like to use Paintbrush Tool. I can set exactly the size I need (along coast line). But the problem is this brush doesn't fill water. Does anybody know how to fill water with Paintbrush tool? OR: /we mfill - can this command be used in replace only air including water mode ?
  5. What is the angle the glider can descent to get farthest point ? 45° ? I.e. how far can I "fly" from 100 block tall tower on flat surface below ?
  6. I'm afraid no such functionality exists. I'd like to share my map too. First among my computers I play VS. And with my coplayers too. But sharing with coplayers brings new question/problem: should the maps of two players be "merged" including map markers? "Merging" means that new shared map is a "sum" of two merged maps. Because two players can reveal different new parts of map... so does sharing mena "merging" of two maps ? Btw. map is a file in folder "...\VS\Data\Maps" - one file for every world. You can copy it and transfer to another computer. However some renaming of the file is necessary because playing the same world (server) on another computer creates map file with totally different name (I think map names are generated randomly). So you should know what map file name relates to the played world on another computer and you should rename copied map to this name.
  7. Unfortunately can't be trasfered with bucket from 1.18 version I think...
  8. Tyron, what abot world parts export/import limits ???!!! I can export ("/we mex/mexc") and successfully import part about max 100x100 height=255. Not bigger. If try to export/import bigger part the part is missing at the other end than I'm standing always. Missing chunks are placed in "circular" way. It seems that more far from my position the chunk is the more probability it'll not be placed. See my another thread in Vintarian support forum, please. I need to transfer my old buildings including landscape (1100x1100) from 1.17 to new version 1.18 because of map reset. We're multiplayer server with long history and map reset is always a big problem - we want to keep parts of our old map. If the transfered part is properly cut-off from the old map (by making the border fall to sea) and placed to the new map in pure sea it can be seamlesly placed and border is nice. The problem is the transfer itself will demand 121 operations export/import because now it is not possible to reliably export import more than 100x100 world part. Can you please have a look at this issue and check if it can be corrected or limits raised ??? THANKS !!!
  9. Ones and only ones I've found huge silver/gold mine (in quartz). Never happened again. I've found only small silver amount in quartz. So near all of my gold stock originates from this mine. Small part of my gold stock originates from few tombs (gold chest loot).
  10. I don't know what is the problem... I only try my best to help you. And I cannot test solution because I don't have your computer here and my computer doesn't suffer the same problem and hasn't suffered anytime in past. So I try to think about all possible solutions and give it to you. THIS IS NOT solution IN THE GAME. If you don't like it leave it and don't comment: Sometimes WIndows switches to another keyboard layout even if you have set only one layout. I do have only one keyboard layout for my national language. Randomly when browsing some internet pages or opening some document Windows switches to US/UK layout. Because I do have only one layout it's impossible to switch back.
  11. If you press "+" on keyboard in any text editor (Notepad, etc...) - what do you get: "+" or "]" ?
  12. Another problem: drifters spawn at the bottom of the fall pit even with slab at the floor.
  13. ok, have you tried to change keyboard control in VS ?
  14. I've redesigned the trap a little bit: - crawling drifters don't fall into 1 block wide pit - I've extended top drop space and drop shaft to 2 blocks wide and add two water sources to cover the bottom (see screen); This design did have problem: drifters don't fall over edge to the deep pit - they moved around on the edge. - so I redesigned it once more: I have removed all floor and extend fall pit to the size 5x5. Another problem: drifters aren't lured to me when I'm standing in glass "storm proof" cage. It seems they don't see me at the distance. Only if drfiter is very near it see me, walk to me and fall down. So finally the trap doesn't work. The number of fallen drifters is very low and they are wandering top spawning platform all the time. Any idea why they don't see me ??? Any hint ???
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