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VintageStory on macOS Sonoma

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As a Mac User, I ever wanted to play VintageStory on my Mac, but without workarounds that impact the gaming and the using-the-mac experience, though they exist: Read more: MacOS Bug Fix Guide

Thankfully, Apple seems to be seriously digging into the gaming stuff, and to they're next release (Apple: macOS 14 "Sonoma"), they brought two key things to Mac Gaming:

1. Game Mode: allows the processor focus on the foreground-running game to achieve better performance and hardware-acceleration

2. Developers can now build their Windows Games to be more or less natively usable on the Mac using the game porting toolkit. (More on that here). Now it should take way less time to make a game actually fairly usable on Mac (if it has the M series chips, of course).

Hearing of those two big announcements to gaming from Apple (which I were bit surprised of, honestly) I immediately had two thoughts:

1. Could we get rid of those annoying input bugs in VS?

2. Can we get better performance when playing VS on a Mac?


I look forward to hear your thoughts about that and of course to hear from Tyron & Team if it would ever be possible to make VS usable on the Mac as easy as on Linux or Windows.


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