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Sandwiches and Slicing

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Straight up, just Sandwiches.

Cooked Bread/Charred Bread + Knife = Sliced Bread/Charred Sliced Bread

After that, the sky is the LIMIT.

Hell, you could even add the ability to toast your bread in the oven again in order to make Toasted Sliced Bread, add a little extra Saturation for your efforts

Between all the various meats, veggies and the existence of Cheese, i do NOT think sandwiches would be overstepping in the world of Vintage Story

I also believe we should have the option to cut up our various meats and veggies to not only stretch out the usefulness of our food, but also in order to be able to cook a wider variety of dishes, some of which could be actual legit recipes like what we have for Apple Pie.

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sliced bread not worried me at first

but...game gives you way to make jam , and jam is not used in any cooking and you just...eat jar of jam?

so would be great way to have slicing bread, maybe even cured meats , sausages , cheese could use better use  as all could benefit from sliced bread


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