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  1. Plunk a tree tap into a tree, put a bucket under it, pine resin or maple syrup accumulate in the bucket over time.
  2. I hate having to post this as a question, but the wiki is down and I feel like I've looked everywhere in-game. So is there a way to open one's survival inventory (more importantly the 3x3 crafting grid) in creative mode, and if so, HOW THE CAKE DO I DO IT?! @_@;;
  3. So I recently did some chiseling blocks just to play around with the system in creative, and I can't even imagine trying to do this in survival. Do you think we'll ever get some way to automate the chiseling of blocks? EDIT: I really need to flesh out my thoughts more. Tend to assume people will just know what I mean, but how could they what with not being mind-readers and all. When I say "automate" I mean, like replication. You still have to chisel out a template, but you should have some way to spend resources to save the time and frustration (not to mention sheer tedium) of having to chisel out the same thing every time you want to place a copy of the block.
  4. Now imagine if we could place vertical windmills, so I could have a fifth one! =D
  5. So I've finally made it to tinkering around with wind power. Prototyping additions to my base in creative, and I came up with this monstrosity. It looks so derpy, but it should work really well. ...yes. The chiseling took forever. @_@ Also, the open side was removed to display the innards. It could be made slimmer, but I think it looks a little too weird with just basically a pancake with fans sticking out of it. (EDIT: To be clear, as above, this was in creative. I didn't chisel each individual block, that would've really taken forever. I chiseled each kind of block once and use middle-mouse to place it multiple times) Bonus! Did you know that windmill blades don't have collision with one another? I hope this gets fixed eventually. <.<
  6. I don't mean to de-rail the thread, but I'd love some more information on this. <.< < /3 wolves
  7. This only exists for certain tools, and doesn't cover some things (e.g. using a smything hammer to work metal ingots, using a tool in the crafting interface).
  8. OMG, Thank you so much! I've wanted this since about the third time I died! Just didn't ever think to look for a mod to do it. x_x
  9. Yeah. That's probably a better idea. I dug out around them instead. I should probably redo it. Fence post probably looks pretty good. EDIT: Oh yeah, that looks SO much better.
  10. I understand that flowers and grass have their block offset to keep thinks from looking too mechanical and artificial, but it would be a really nice option to be able to either turn it off completely, or to place stuff without the offset. It's a real trick sometimes to be able to tell if you have a hole when you're replanting a large number of reeds. @_@
  11. I like Forget-Me-Nots for bee hives because they're so small and easy to see around, but also show up on the minimap (unlike Lillies of the Valley). There's just one problem. They seem to be approximately of equivalent rarity to incisors from the female gallus gallus domesticus. Is there some specific biome I should be looking in?
  12. So I happened to find a weird little bug. If I have a full inventory and clear-quartz in my main hand, I can repeatedly click on quartz bits and it will eventually give me clear quartz.
  13. Hrm. Might it have anything to do with having limited memory? Ever since I upgraded to Win10 at the start of the year, I have to run memory diagnostic to actually clean out my memory, and I sometimes forget to, so I'm sitting at, like 98% memory usage. x_x
  14. I wouldn't expect it would but... I dug up 39 blocks, ran around the world for a few days, came back and all the blocks I dug up were back. (and the nuggets that were on them and fell down were back on top). No, I didn't forget a reload, I have the blocks sitting in my bag. So what the fluff'n'stuff happened?!
  15. Yeah. I was actually looking at the "growth speed", not the nutrients themselves. The nutrients stay regardless of moisture. Growth speed, however, incorporates it. I probably should've deleted the thread 15 minutes after I posted it when I realized this and just asked my seed question in a new thread. x_x
  16. "Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to learn more."
  17. Yeah, good points. x_x EDIT: What if it only held on to the nutrient data until it returned to its natural level? A better solution might be if you could only use the proposed right-click shovel 'untill' function on a farmland tile that was at its maximum nutrient levels?
  18. I'd love for mining to have some kind of minigame, but I'm not sure this is the way. Only because it introduces a completely unique mechanic for breaking one specific block type (ores) compared with every other block in the game. Otherwise it does seem pretty cool.
  19. If farmland can save nutrients, it seems like placed soil blocks should be able to as well. Couldn't a right-click function be added to the shovel on farm land to convert it back to soil without resetting the nutrients? I guess strictly speaking, a player could still 'game' the mechanic, but that'd be a lot of work, using a shovel to turn it back to soil, digging it up, replacing it, and re-tilling it...
  20. Fun fact: you can also grow dry grass from placing dirt. Though that is a bit more labour intensive (because after one harvest you need to dig up and replace the grass) than just waiting for it to grow on a fallow field. Though I think it may grow a bit faster.
  21. Empty buckets stack, why don't empty crocks? Rearranging a big storage cellar is soooooooooooooooo tedious! X_X Also, could we have half-shelves? My cellar would look so much better with the top-half of a shelf on the eye-level block, and the bottom-half of a shelf on the next block up (with a storage vessel on the floor below).
  22. Is there any way to undo farmland? I break it with any tool, it disappears. Putting a block on top doesn't seem to convert it back to regular soil. Is this something planned to change? Because having to lose the block seems a little silly.
  23. Apparently the nutrients shown in the tooltip depend on moisture level. I obviously have not been watering the empty farm land, but when I do, it has plenty of nutrients.
  24. This is my farm. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I water it by hand with the watering can because I just don't like it looking like a swamp with water everywhere. What I don't understand is why all the fallow land is losing nutrients. Indeed, you can even see a few spots have down-graded from "medium fertility" to "low fertility". I thought fallow land was meant to GAIN nutrients! EDIT: Also, how do I get more seeds? Just have to luck out and find more plants (or seed pot) around?
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