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Seraph Voices & Volume Options


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So, I just want to start out by saying that I think the voice a nice creative touch, I really like how they tie in to character creation, and I'm looking forward to how they could be modded in the future.

But I do have some criticisms with them, mainly their volume and the length of some of the sounds. I play with headphones mostly, and the voices are honestly far too loud whenever I get hurt, which ends up turning it into a jumpscare fest when I fall from somewhere that's too high accidentally. A volume slider for voices would be fantastic, just so people can adjust to what they want without impacting the other sounds in the game.

The second one, although I think that being able to adjust the volume would help here as well, is the length of the hurt sounds. It feels just a little too long most of the time and which ties in with the volume being too loud and sudden, and ends up, to me, being quite annoying that I end up either playing without headphones or sometimes just not playing the game, especially if it's late.

Like I said before, it's a great system, I think it just needs a few options associated with it like volume control and it'd be perfect.

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