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Hi, I have a few mod requests or ideas.

1) A mod that makes the water clear, I like making underwater bases and enjoy looking out the windows

2) A mod that lets my characters beard still show when i put a helmet on, looks weird to go from full beard to fully shaved just because i put a half faced helm on.

3) A climb-able rope mod, so when your at the top of a long drop shaft, we can attach a piton or grappling hook of sorts, to the top and lower a long rope down the shaft so we can climb down, being able to throw it up and have it catch to climb up would also be cool, but i'm just hoping for the climbing down version first.

4) A mod that gets rid of the continuous water bubbles that are left from removing dirt blocks under water, maybe put a timer on them so they stop after a short while, otherwise it makes the area look like it a washing machine on full.

5) lot's more roaming monster types in the caves and dungeons, really would luv to see some of the classic types roaming about, trolls, ogres, slimes, large spiders and big insects etc...

Cheers for reading and considering, :)

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