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Is it possible to forge 9 arrow head with one ingot?

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I noticed the possibility of forging 9 arrow head or 6 in a row. It occures to me that I could forge with one ingot almost exactly the 9 arrow pattern except for one lost voxel. It's pretty frustrating as I then need to use 2 ingots and that I am very careful whyle doing it. Is it that I missed something, or is it a wrong configuration ? I can't believe that there is a recipe for something impossible to make because of just one voxel on purpose...

If you have any ideas? Otherwise I will make it a report because I feel like it should maybe be changed.


Thanks a lot! 

Ps: keep going, the game rocks

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It is definitely possible. In fact, you are left with 15 voxels you have to remove at the end... Don't forget that you can still use the connecting voxels between the arrow heads which are seemingly stuck and not usable - you just need to nudge the end one so it pops on the second layer and then it can be moved freely. To do so the end voxel must have an empty space on one of its sides and another voxel on the opposite side: _XO (_ is empty space, X stuck voxel to be moved, O - another voxel). If you nudge X on the right, it will pop over O.

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This is quite a huge thing I did not undersood I guess, I'm going to try, I'll check here later!

Edit: works for me. Damn friend, you just made forging way easier for me, thanks a lot, I had totally missed that feature... 


Thanks again


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