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Seed from singleplayer refuses to load the same on Server


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Titled. Friend has time bought for a server (the main one from the devs in the shop), and we wanted to get a new world going. I (not server owner) found a perfect seed on singleplayer, and no matter what we do, the server refuses to load the world even remotely the same. We have the same world settings/config and everything, and it still refuses to generate the same. Instead of large mountains and flat green hills, the server loads up jagged sandstone ravines, which is damn near the polar opposite of what we want. Please if someone knows how to fix this so that we can generate the world we want from the seed please let us know! Tysm

World Seed: 1118395553
World Config:


  "worldClimate": "realistic",
  "gameMode": "survival",
  "temporalStability": true,
  "temporalStorms": "sometimes",
  "graceTimer": "5",
  "microblockChiseling": "all",
  "polarEquatorDistance": "100000",
  "lungCapacity": "40000",
  "harshWinters": "true",
  "daysPerMonth": "9",
  "saplingGrowthRate": "1",
  "propickNodeSearchRadius": "6",
  "allowUndergroundFarming": true,
  "temporalGearRespawnUses": "20",
  "temporalStormSleeping": "0",
  "startingClimate": "temperate",
  "spawnRadius": "50",
  "deathPunishment": "drop",
  "droppedItemsTimer": "1800",
  "seasons": "enabled",
  "playerlives": "-1",
  "blockGravity": "sandgravel",
  "bodyTemperatureResistance": "0",
  "creatureHostility": "aggressive",
  "creatureStrength": "1",
  "playerHealthPoints": "15",
  "playerHungerSpeed": "0.75",
  "playerMoveSpeed": "1.5",
  "foodSpoilSpeed": "1",
  "toolDurability": "1",
  "toolMiningSpeed": "1",
  "globalDepositSpawnRate": "1",
  "allowCoordinateHud": true,
  "allowMap": true,
  "loreContent": true,
  "tempstormDurationMul": "1",
  "temporalRifts": "visible",
  "landcover": "1",
  "oceanscale": "1",
  "upheavelCommonness": "0.5",
  "geologicActivity": "0.05",
  "landformScale": "1.0",
  "worldWidth": "1024000",
  "worldLength": "1024000",
  "worldEdge": "blocked",
  "globalTemperature": "1",
  "globalPrecipitation": "1",
  "globalForestation": "0",
  "surfaceCopperDeposits": "0.12",
  "surfaceTinDeposits": "0.007",
  "snowAccum": "true",
  "allowLandClaiming": true,
  "classExclusiveRecipes": true,
  "auctionHouse": true,
  "playstyle": "surviveandbuild"

This is a picture of the map around spawn that we want it to be for reference.


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5 hours ago, Straille said:

do you have a map of the server world?
are you sure you're not just spawning in the gravel area to the south? it looks rather jagged

Server and Friend who owns it are both offline atm so I can't grab a screenshot of the map it loads, but from my memory of the multiple frustrating failed attempts last night, it can't be the granite area to the south there. The server was loading sandstone terrain, and so much of it that the entire map around spawn was the same sandstone terrain.

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