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Vanilla like texture pack 64x64 and 128x128 for 1.18.x


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Hi everyone,

I am a new vintarian and I love this game. I like the vanilla graphics too but I felt like it could use some more pixels...

As I am no artist, I wanted to try one of these fancy upscalers everyone is talking about. It's "AI" but it's not stable diffusion, it's simply a variant of ESRGan trained to upscale pixel art.

The name is HDCube and you can find it here. I used HDCube3 and Pixelperfect for some other assets.

To my surprise, it turned out pretty well and I think I'll really use it. If you want to do the same :

Here is the 128x128 pixel : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jkJbPtNhyXvxHchdeW9OgJXTkJ0TBUY3/view?usp=share_link

And here is 64x64 version : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gVQcDunauy28O5cV7DZAA39SdEJ2MEgS/view?usp=sharing

64 version is just bilinear downsampled from the 128 but I prefer this one. It's a lot lighter on the ressources and has an "antialiased" feel I like... Might just be that the imperfections are not as visible ;).

128x128 is around 300MB, 64x64 is around 60. Pretty light but still too big to be posted on the moddb...


It's in clientsettings.json in the vintage story data directory.

For 128x128 I put :

"maxTextureAtlasWidth": 11192,
    "maxTextureAtlasHeight": 11192,

Works for me, for 64x64, 6000 or something does the trick, depends on how much mods you have...

I included some screenshots for the 64x64 version. 128x128 looks quite a bit finer, but a bit further from the Vanilla style... A matter of taste I guess.

All the blocks and creatures are covered, it's not perfect, but nothing particularly bad caught my eyes during testing, let me know if something  is really broken.

UPDATE: First, sorry for the inconvenience, the links are shared for everyone now ...

 Also, I like to play with the mod Wildcraft from gabb and Wildcraft Trees from Catasteroid. That's why I did the same for the textures of these mods and here are two addons you can use if you use the upscaled textures (they include textures for both mods).

Wildcraft in 64x64 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KPy8KzQKdY6263fAzKeIj9WMUCVDSqBB/view?usp=share_link

Wildcraft in 128x128 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c0CrniJ_Jxx0ci_u8_Io3dI5-GOBYGRn/view?usp=share_link

The last 4 screeshots are the wildcraft addon. Hope you enjoy !

















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Added Wildcraft Addon
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  • Gpp77 changed the title to Vanilla like texture pack 64x64 and 128x128 for 1.18.x

Hi thanks, hope you'll enjoy it.

As for performances, I don't really know, I have a RTX2060 which is pretty comfortable for Vintage Story and I see no impact at all... 64x64 and 128x128 are both buttersmooth like vanilla (50fps locked in my case).

I did see an impact on VRAM usage, 128x128 is using a good 1 Gb more than vanilla, then I guess that as long as you have enough VRAM for the game, the impact should not be big. I'll try to find another PC with lower specs to see how it goes...

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I got the chance to test the textures on a lower end PC, a laptop with a Ryzen 5500U and Integrated Radeon Graphics. I did notice a small frame drop, like 10% with the 128x128 pixel one. For the 64x64 the drop is barely noticeable,it should be very small in most cases.

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all of the textures apply the side texture, like grass shows half dirt, half grass on all 6 sides of the block. Like the idea, but its not working for me. I increased my maxtexture size to 6144 for the 64x64 textures.


128x128 textures are missing the texture for the fire clay bricks, I did increase the maxtexturesize to 11192 as recommended.

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Hi thanks for your feedback. Are you any chance using the Wildcraft Fruit and Nuts module for wildcraft ?

I quite naturaly tried to upscale its texture along the Wildcraft tree module and I had this issue exactly. I'm puzzled as Wildcraft fruit does not have any soil texture...

If anybody has an idea as why this issue occurs...

The only workaround I found is to put grass on all sides. I got the textures from ATree's mod, upscaled them and added that to the pack. Now it's OK, ... but I have grass on all sides.

It kind of work, even if it's not totally satisfying...

I will add the links for wildcraft fruits.

Addon for Wildcraft Fruit 128x128:


Addon for Wildcraft Fruit 64x64:



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In the first screenshot you can see what happen if you don't use the grass on all side with the module wildcraft fruits and nuts when I use an upscaled texture pack.

Wildcraft fruit is not supposed to change the soil textures... If anyone has an idea why I get that... Please tell me !

I don't have any problem with vanilla or just wildcraft trees.

Also, McTaco pointed out a missing texture for fire clay brick but I have it right... I don't see any problem...



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