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Possible easy fix for world not loading


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As a quick PSA, if your world wont load and the load screen is stuck on "time to rest" and the debug logs (forgot which one but I think it's the one with the most info/largest size) say something about a 'possible corrupted save', one possible non destructive/laborious solution may be to just delete all the extra info save backups create in the world file name and rename your world file just (insert the name you chose for your world).vcdbs

For example, mine went from;




When the game creates a backup, it (for some reason) apparently just lists several, if not every, date/time in which you made a backup in the name of the file.  Then the game loads its diaper and passes out when reading the title when you go to load it up.

Simply copy/pasting the backup into the save folder worked just fine until it didn't.  My guess is that i made and reloaded too many backups???????  I don't know.  Anyway, hopefully this will help some people out there during their 'panicked crane' style google-fu.

Speaking of google, here's some keywords for easier searching; Vintage Story, save wont load, time to rest, corrupted save, debug, world fail, world corrupted, world load fail, world backup fail, world backup load fail.

Alright, ya'll have a good one.

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