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Illnesses and allergies


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If a player wears wet clothes for too long, is freezing for a long period of time, or is bitten by new insects such as "mosquitoes", they can "develop" diseases and allergies, depending on their biome.  


Both features can be switched off and on in world generation and/or via commands.  


The diseases develop into different stages such as: Mild, Medium, Strong, Chronic, they give the player effects like running slower, starving faster, or being weak, etc... allergies can come from various things like eating expiring foods (e.g. over 25, 50 or 75%). If you eat a food that has expired, there is a percent chance that you will be allergic to it (e.g. 10, 20, 50%, etc.). In order to get rid of allergies, you have to create a certain medicine that has a percent chance of removing the allergy (e.g. something less like 2, 6, 10%). If you then eat the food you are allergic to, you will get damage, illness, etc.


The diseases can be transmitted through coughing or similar and have a negative effect on the player. You can fight them with certain medicines like brewed herbal juices, blah blah.. which have a percentage chance of removing the disease. Depending on the stage of the disease, the symptoms are more fatal and medicine has less chance of removing them. e.g.: mild (25%), moderate (15%), severe (10%), chronic (2%). They are transmitted through mosquitoes, or other animals, coughing, etc... Depending on the location you can get different diseases, for example: temperate (flu, etc.), tropical (yellow fever, malaria, etc..)


If you don't do anything about the diseases (take medicine) they are developing faster. (Medicine reduces the speed of developing even of the disease doesn't leave you)


[The following is a possible addition that makes the process more challenging] 


> In the stats menu ("C") you can see if you have symptoms. If you have symptoms, you need to look in the handbook for diseases, there are the symptoms of every disease signed. You now need to find out, based on the symptoms, what disease you have, and need to take the medicine that is used for the specific disease, to start the healing process. 


(With this system, 2 diseases don't have fully the same symptoms, to be able to know what disease you can have (otherwise the mechanic gets to disappointing in the procces))

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