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Mod Request: A tech tree of player made stability?

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Would it be possible to make a mod about player enforced stability?

For example, tier 1 would be a crappy "stability torch" that stops any loss of stability within a 8x8x8 area for 48 hours.
Tier 2 would have a better stability torch that lasts longer and covers 16x16x16 area for 168 hours.
It would also have a stability reservoir that replenishes stability in an 8x8x8 area permanently. However, if a player is within range of a reservoir and not a torch, the reservoir does not regenerate stability and only halts it. Basically you need to be within the range of both a torch and a reservoir to regenerate.
Tier 3 could put them together for 32x32x32 area permanent regeneration. It could also have really expensive 8x8x8 drifter prevention device that only last for 1 storm to be used in bunkers and storm shelters.
Tier 4 could have a 64x64x64 permanent stability and regeneration and a permanent 8x8x8 drifter prevention device.

Is this possible? is it already done and i am stupid? Is anyone willing to do this?



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