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Light in the basement


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Before building the house, I dug a basement under it; between the floor of the house and the ceiling of the basement there is a layer of 3 blocks of earth, but the result is some kind of nonsense. In one part of the basement it is light as if in that corner there are no blocks on the surface at all, but in the other everything is fine. Then I started expanding the basement for the cellar and it turned out like this
 that during construction the earth collapsed from above, and all the earth had to be removed from above in order to install a ceiling, and after all this it also became light there, although there was the same layer there as in the main basement. Is this some kind of bug or what?2023-11-06_13-43-43.thumb.png.1fb31255383ae2ade78f1c86af518d8a.png


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