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Ideas and discussion on realistic improvement on some gameplay aspects


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Here's a few ideas for realistic improvements of the gameplay with different levels of complexity to be fully customisable for everyone's taste.

Strict tool usage:

No more breaking wooden and stone materials with your bare hands, each material type need his specific tool to be gathered or broken. Same goes with dirt, IRL digging with hand is ineffective.

Building :

Building feels like building a lego set, having to knap tools, forge items but simply stack big cubes of material in my opinion is unimersive.

To build you need materials and assemble them on the spot to create blocks. For instance, put a few stones on the ground to make pile, apply clay and there's a cobblestone block. Destroy it and only get the materials back, not the full block.

Also, like cave ins, building should have stabilty, depending on material, size and connetcted blocks, a little bit like in Valheim.

Since building would take long in early game, primitive shelters made of sticks and foliage should be added for the firsts nights and on travel journeys. 

Inventory management :

First level of complexity, volume and weight for items, so you can't have an inventory full of log stacks or 4 shovels in each of your reed basket

Second level, restriction on inventory size. You only have 2 hands, you can't carry 4 baskets reeds at once and have your two hands free. So to move more stuff arround, either put them in containers to move them arround, like in carry on mod. Containers like basket or bucket can be carried with one hand, biggers like crates and chest need boths hands.

To help moving lot of stuff arround, you should use hand carts, attach leather strip on reed chest to carry them on your back, have clothes with pockets and belts.

Third level, non solid items like dirt or sand cannot be transported by hand at all and they need to be shoveled directly in a container.

Smoke and chimneys :

Firepits emit smoke particles, yet you can light them in an enclosed room and not get killed. Build chimneys to evacuate the smoke.


I know some of theese ideas makes the game grindy as hell they could be easily toggle on or off just to fine tune your gameplay.





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Changing the way flax processing works to be more realistic would be a relatively obvious choice. Currently one can easily harvest a bunch of flax and turn it into half a dozen of usable linen sheets in 10 seconds, whereas IRL it could take days to process flax fiber from the fibrous stalk up to a usable textiles.

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