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I'm Back!


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Okay, I used to be a part of this forum. I started Vintage Story back in the pandemic. But I quit and refunded. Why? Well I got frustrated with the game. At least that is what I said. But I had other life issues going on at the time.

Meanwhile, that other blocky game has kept going off the rails, in my opinion. People voting at the game con which new features they want? WTF? So I have a brand new computer now, top end, can really crunch the pixels, but any version of other blocky game after 1.12 just causes my GPU fans to go crazy! Contrary to gamer memes, and overworked GPU is not a good thing. Besides, I think the 1.13 Waterworld update is when other blocky game first went off the rails. Not saying it's a bad game, but it just doesn't seem like the game for me.

So anyway, stumbled across Paul Soares Jr. old let's play of Vintage Story and I realized what a mistake I made giving up on this game. So I'm back now. I'm mainly an RPG guy, but I like good game on the side. If I find it frustrating again, I have all the options in the world to turn it down. Heck, I will probably start in Explorer mode just to get used to it all again.

I'm wrapping up a run through other blocky game (1.12) and turn my attention back where it belongs soon.

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