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  1. There is already a copy function to speed up clay voxels. Copy the rows until you get to the top and then do the top by hand. It's already a part of the game. Already there, and no one is screaming that it's dumbing down. So... Just extend that to make the whole piece. Hold down magic button and click until the whole item is formed. Now everyone is happy and no one need call the other a baby. And extend that to smithing as well. Hold down the magic button and click to smith. Makes the game possible for those with accessibility issues. It's not dumbing down, it's accessibility.
  2. Well one purpose of alcoholic beverages was that the water was frequently bad.
  3. Brandybuck


    I tend to agree, but won't say so explicitly because I'll get flamed again. But from my way of looking at things, we already have traders, and their stuff is already protected, and they sometimes appear in groups. So why not villages? They could have farms with protected crops to players have to trade for them instead of looting them. The game mechanics are already in place. Just stop drifters from spawning on of them of them like zombies due in MC.
  4. From my understanding, drifters can spawn anywhere regardless of light level or proximity to the player. But they won't spawn on half slabs.
  5. On the other hand, if you please too few you end up pleasing too few. How niche does this game want to be? I think the spawn point is not worth arguing about, but it worries me that the old timers insist it's an absolutely essential mechanic that cannot be changed. Because trudging to school in the snow, uphill, both ways.
  6. Ditto. All games need a balance. To design a game that only appeals to the hardcore masochist is not wise. "Here I am trudging two thousand blocks back to my home, because a drifter shanked me in my sleep. Gosh, isn't this game grand?"
  7. Not sure what benefit alcohol would provide, but it was terribly important to the development of civilization. Especially beer. So why not make beer out of the rye and spelt? (And mead from honey, wine from berries). Don't even need hops, that was a relatively recent innovation. Think of the stuff we could have: Malting floors, mash tuns, more uses for cellar, etc. Glass bottles for portability. Leading to distillation and asploding stills. Then the results of distillation could form the basis for some medicines. The obvious benefit is happiness, but hard to show that in a game. Maybe have it counteract the time wibble / insanity stuff by slowing it down?
  8. Minecraft is $27 right now, Java Edition (multiplatform). I bought it originally for $24 as I recall. I bought Vintage Story for only $17. Not sure what the complaint is here. I *wish* early access for a buggy game was much cheaper, but I'm old enough to know what it's not.
  9. I'm going to take a short break then come back later. Sounds like I need to find an area without trees, or are trees okay? What constitutes a forest?
  10. Brandybuck


    I've had the game for a week. I'm finding it very frustrating. It's kicking my butt. I'm not a twitchy gamer. I can handle Minecraft, even killed the Ender Dragon last week. But this game is repeatedly killing me. I'm not good enough, not l33t enough. I can't get established quick enough to get the armor or weapons I need to survive. Wolves literally two shot me. I don't hear them until it's too late, I can't outrun them, I can't fight them with obsidian. I just don't have the twitch skills. I don't like games that require twitch reflexes. is the game supposed to be this way? I'm ready to ask for my money back, as it does not seem to be my kind of game at all. I know I can drop down to exploration mode, or cheat with the settings, but that feels like I'm missing the point of the game. I want to play the same game everyone else is, and if that's not the game suitable for me, then I should find another. Just my thoughts.
  11. That's so immersive destroying. What if I'm trying to create a nice homestead? I don't want silly rabbit moats everywhere. If fences aren't good enough, then we need to be able to tame wolves so we can have watchdogs. Or let us craft varmint traps. Or something. Making our homesteads into weird parkour courses just rub me the wrong way.
  12. Some of us don't want to mod our games. Some of us want to play the same game everyone else is. The same game described on the box. The same game the wiki covers. At least while we are learning it. Also, I seem to recall that this section is called "suggestions". I don't see how the top post is not a valid suggestion. It's nto a demand, it's a suggestion.
  13. The reason for the "mini-games" is to avoid the activities begin instant. It's a problem in a lot of games. Craft a new diamond sword in Minecraft: one second. You can fill up your inventory with swords as fast as you can click them over. Skryim you can make swords as fast as you can click until you run out of materials. Rinse, lather, repeat. Obviously, the clicking on all the bits is boring. But replacing it with an animation of you removing all the bits just makes it passive. The balance is to make it be an activity that takes time. Knapping seems to be it right now, but something else would be fine by me if it was an activity and it took time. Otherwise it's just Minecraft impossible speed crafting. Which is fine for a different style of game, but doesn't fit this one.
  14. I second the suggestion for more visible water. The Minecraft direction of more transparent water is not a good one. Yes, water is transparent, but water out in nature is rarely the crystal clear transparency these two games make them out to be. Less transparency please. Natural pond water is mucky.
  15. Why the grilling? I won't post anymore, I did not want to be judged. I just wanted a good starting position. Maybe this game is not for me.
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