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[Resolved] Edit save file to restore player on perma-death world


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As the title suggests, regrets were had, and I'd like to revive myself on a perma-death world after having died. How can I achieve that (I am a bit too "challenged" to read the vcdbs.)?


Edit: I am getting somewhere on my own, but help from somebody who knows which values to replace would still be appreciated.

Edit 2: Derp, there is actually a scrollbar that leads to comments of the binary...

Edit 3: Looks like it'll be a lot harder than I hoped for.

Edit 4: Never mind. I fixed it.


Hehe, thought I'd leave you hanging, hm?

I simply changed the game mode from survival to creative, loaded up the map and switched to survival again. (It turns out that this is much easier than trying to fix playerdata.)

I did that by opening the save file with https://sqlitebrowser.org/, switched to Tab "Browse Data", selected Table: "gamedata", selected "BLOB" in data row, replaced the respective binaries "surviveandbuild." (73 75 72 76 69 76 65 61 6e 64 62 75 69 6c 64 88) with the corresponding binaries of "creativebuilding" (63 72 65 61 74 69 76 65 62 75 69 6c 64 69 6e 67) under "Edit Database Cell", applied the change, wrote the change to file (Ctrl+S or File -> Write Changes), started the game, loaded the save file (might tell you that it is corrupted, but in my case the built-in repair function fixed the file), and continued playing (albeit with the dirty knowledge that I am not a man of my word.)

It's very likely you have to redo your world settings, if you chose to stray from the defaults.

Always back up your save files before attempting this!


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