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  1. There is. Have a look into your keybindings to find the correct one. It doesn't show just the FPS counter, though, but a performance graph as well. If that is too intrusive for you, alternatively you could, for example, add Vintage Story as a Non-Steam Game to Steam and use the native Steam FPS counter instead.
  2. Wild life (classic dolphins, sharks, whales (maybe a bit too ambitious)) remains of wild life (classic whale skeleton, for example) scuba/diving gear corals, reefs, clams (pearls) Underwater ruins (after the apocalypse) Underwater ruins (before the apocalypse - better preserved, chance of "ancient" loot, etc) fun, engaging travel means (example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Succession_of_forms_in_the_development_of_the_Austronesian_boat.png) Great idea! For some reasons I initially only focused on oceans and completely forgot the rest. I don't have much to say to the other water bodies, but having rivers of different sizes and depths would be nice (fords/natural crossings could be an interesting Point of Interest), currents would be absolutely fantastic.
  3. That's a very interesting idea. Being able to paint on the map with brushes (including the option to name those painted regions) would be a nice addition for lore building purposes, simple note taking, or even staking a land claim.
  4. I personally think the wind mechanic is interesting, albeit a bit over the top at the moment - with a lot of future potential. Here a couple of random thoughts. Different wind strengths, from gentle breeze to hurricane Adapt the impact of wind strength based on position (being in the deepest forest/valley/mountain shadow should not affect you as much as when you are standing on top of a mountain) Strong storms = potential to root up trees, cause damage to crop, tear sails, destroy gears/rotors/axles (counter measures: "build on rock not sand", build in valleys, plant trees (with strong roots), engage brakes, etc), etc Weather vanes, wind socks as new objects
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