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The Complete Opacity Issue Post


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I originally wrote a post purely on the opacity issues regarding the Barber Surgeon Hand Wraps.
I have since realised that opacity issues are present in most clothing in the game due to the way the game layers clothing.
Currently, when one piece of clothing is placed over the top of another (such as wearing a shirt with a robe on top of it) the game will apply a faint opaque texture around the edges of the objects in order to blend them together better. (Or perhaps clothes have these textures inbuilt and it only shows when you layer them).
However, there is a bug that makes this opaque texture affect the player themselves and not just the clothes, making certain parts of the player see-through.
Attached are two screenshots of this happening, though I have had it happen with many other clothing items and combinations.

I'm just making this post to bring light to the problem, because I have never seen anybody else talk about this, and would love to see it fixed. :)


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