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  1. ifoz

    About titanium

    Titanium currently only has a use in powdering the ore and using it for high-tier refractory bricks.
  2. I think you guys should also know that (on the topic of hidden treasure) the Blackguard ruin that looks like a barracks with the two sets of four-high bunk beds has some hidden loot too. Under the bottom bunk on the left side is a pair of Blackguard shoes, a parallel transfer vessel, a jug and a metal scrap. The large crypt ruin has a hidden treasure room if you dig through the ceiling to follow it's waterfall. The coffins also hide chests but that is easier to figure out. The "large locust shelter" (as I call it) with the two floors has a hidden vault behind the metal barrels on the top floor. Just dig around in the walls in the top floor room, you'll find it. It will always have some bountiful gold and silver chunks in a display case, a ruined claymore, an ornate silver spear, two gold treasure chests (one aged, one not aged) and an oxblood storage vessel.
  3. Thanks! I have limited experience with the old ruins, though my first ever world did have them. I was just anxious to go caving as I was a new player back then. By the time I was confident enough to go caving, the new ruins had just come out. I recognise most surface ruins, and am pretty sure I have been to them all, but I am almost certain that I have seen every type of underground ruin and know where their hidden treasure stashes are. Stuff like the large crypt ruin's waterfall hiding a treasure room, or the big locust shelter having a room of loot if you dig through a certain wall.
  4. I'm pretty sure! I like hunting for clutter and clothing, so I may have spent a little too much time ruin hunting. I'm almost certain that I've seen every single ruin that the vanilla game as to offer.
  5. This to me looks like the laundry ruin. Mine across to the right of the wall facing you in the screenshot, and then dig out the lower block of cobble three blocks to the right of the door. This should let you access the only chest inside without worry of locusts! This is one of my favourite ruins to find, since I love hunting for clothing. That chest always has some good clothes and clutter in it! I do not accept responsibility for locust horde infestation if the chest was one block to the left of the marked block.
  6. ifoz

    What are These Things?

    I suppose the smaller ones could be, but the ones that are slightly larger and found with suits and coats seems to suggest that they may have somehow been worn by adults too. I was thinking, what if this is just the metal part of some sort of rebreather or plague doctor-esq mask and the straps or cloth has just rotted away over time? It could explain why they're so small despite being some found around things adults would wear like full-sized coats and suits. The really tiny one on the drying rack though.. That would have to belong to a child.
  7. ifoz

    Why bother

    If OP uploaded their save file I would believe that they may not be trolling, though with the current lack of response I am lead to believe that they were either trolling or being dishonest about their experience with the game, perhaps to make it sound like a rare bug instead of being their fault. (Maybe they wasted their first day and would rather blame it on the game than themselves). OP, if you are reading this, you should upload your save so we can check it out. I'd be less inclined to doubt the validity of your statements. I do not intend to sound mean-spirited, but the situation that you described sounds highly implausible. There's no shame if you did waste your first day and ended up in a bad position. It's a tough game, we've all been put through the wringer by unlucky circumstances at some point, regardless of skill.
  8. I thought it could be fun to make a thread where people could post cool ruins that they have found! Bonus points if the generation is a little abnormal or strange. Starting this because of this lovely cliffside ruin that I found:
  9. Does anyone know what these things are or why they show up in so much clutter? The "ruined mask" item seems to show us what their name is, though they look far too small to be worn as masks by humans. What do you guys think these things are, and what were they used for?
  10. Same! I've also been watching Solstin, I love his stuff! I have plans to eventually build a boiler room of my own because of him.. Meteor obelisk sounds cool! In my hot springs near my base there was actually a meteor that generated underneath one of the pools.
  11. Do you by chance happen to be a fan of Kurazarrh? The lamp post outside your forge and the tannery building remind me of some of the things that he has built in his Vintage Story series'.
  12. I think it's kind of strange how you can find ruined tools and pristine tools in ruins, but there is never a type that is in-between 'completely broken' and 'never used'. I think that it could be cool if you could find "corroded" tools and lanterns, that would function like their normal counterparts, except with less durability, mining speed and damage. They would be tier 2 (copper), but would be worse than regular copper tools. I think that this could add to the immersion of scavenging through ruins a little. Does anyone else like this idea, or is it just me?
  13. True, true. Chickens aren't really the optimal animal, and I do like your ideas for rebalancing them. Still, they're fun to keep. Getting to check the henboxes each morning is cool, so I'm a fan.
  14. Hey, those drifters aren't exactly squeaky clean themselves! Really, it's all just in self-defence! This brings about a funny mental image of drifters living a peaceful life with locusts and other rot beasts in the depths until a single Seraph draws near and they all suddenly get really angry. Maybe they just really hate the colour blue? Makes sense why they never go out during the day!
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